All you need to know about the new iPhone SE

Interested in buying the new iPhone SE but want to learn a little bit more about it first? You have most definitely come to the right place! The iPhone SE is compact, stylish and packed full of technology. For everything that you need to know about the latest iPhone for sale, keep reading.

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Background on the Apple iPhone SE

The Apple iPhone SE was announced in March this year. While its features resemble those of the 6S its body is similar to that of the 5S. The compact 4-inch frame is just one of the reasons that you should find an SE model for sale. When compared to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus’ screen the SE is significantly smaller. Apple reported that the latest release was in response to the popularity of smaller phones among their clients.

For people who love small phones this new iPhone offers the best of both worlds. It has a small body while still offering the favourite 6S features. One highlight of this model is its 12-megapixel camera which lives up to the 6S’s high standards while offering major improvements to the camera of the 5S. Its 4K video is even better than HD.

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Image Source: Apple Website.

While it resembles the iPhone 5S the latest model is also available in an attractive rose gold. Its stylish design is complemented by the SE logo. The logo design has been improved and it offers better scratch resistance. The matte finish edges accentuate the attractive elements of its design.

The hardware that makes the iPhone SE tick

This iPhone for sale is equipped with the same processor which means that the SE is great for gaming enthusiasts. You can operate the device in one hand which feels significantly smaller after you have gotten used to using a bigger phone. What is great about finding an SE for sale is that it has all the advantages of the 6S for a more affordable price. If you enjoy using a compact phone, the SE is perfect for you.

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Image Source: Apple Website.

At the heart of the SE is its A9 chip which delivers a responsive performance. The high quality graphics add to the appeal of this phone. The M9 motion coprocessor enables the phone to offer you a variety of fitness tracking features. The SE makes it easy to record how many steps you take each day as well as the distance that you cover. Using the iPhone SE you can activate Siri with a voice command.

The new iPhone’s awesome features

Packed with technology the new iPhone SE makes anything possible. With Live Photos you can bring your most treasured moments to life with audio and movement. Not only does the FaceTime HD camera take great photos, it also has Retina Flash.

This iPhone for sale features the custom display chip enabling the display to enhance your selfies when you are taking a photo in low lighting. You can look more attractive than ever by using True Tone flash which offers more natural colours.

Make sure that you keep your special memories with you always by storing them on the iCloud Photo Library. Any changes that you make will immediately be stored so that you can access your photos anytime anywhere.

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Image Source: Apple Website.

With Touch ID your private information is safer than ever. Using your fingerprint as a password is both convenient and highly effective. Touch ID combined with Apple Pay offers a fast, easy and safe way for you to make payments.

Other highlights of this model are LTE and Wi-Fi. The hardware and software of the iPhone SE complement each other to offer a device that is simple to use, secure and powerful. The state-of-the-art iOS 9 operating system is at the core of this phone’s success.

The apps that are available for this Apple iPhone are designed to make your everyday life easier. There are over five hundred thousand apps to choose from so it is easy to customise your phone. If you are looking for a new iPhone, here is an overview of the SE model’s specs.

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Image Source: Apple Website.

The great news is that the iPhone SE recently became available at iStores in South Africa. The price of the phone is R8 499 and there are some great contract and trade-in deals available.

Technical Specifications of the new iPhone SE

Dimensions123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm
Weight113 g
Display4” Retina
Camera12 MP iSight
Videos4 K
Memory16 / 64GB

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All you need to know about the new iPhone SE
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All you need to know about the new iPhone SE
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