Amplify your entertainment with a Home Theatre System

When it comes to entertainment, a home theatre system offers the ultimate experience. From watching sports to enjoying your favourite movies, there are some stunning reasons to find a great deal on a home theatre system for sale on Junk Mail.

What a Home Theatre System is made up of

Home theatre systems include audio and visual devices which are installed in a room at your house to recreate the effect of watching movies at a cinema. The main parts which make up a home theatre system are a wide screen TV as well as speakers.

With numerous premium speakers, the system offers a better sound quality than regular televisions do. Another part of the system is connecting devices which function to link the visual and audio equipment.

setting up your home theatre system

No matter how big or small your house is, you can still benefit from finding a home theatre system for sale. One option is to buy a fully integrated home theatre which is ready to be installed. Another option is to purchase the parts that make up a home theatre system and connect them yourself.

Once you have purchased your own system you will need to decide where to put it. If you have a large house, you could use a whole room as a theatre. Another option is to install the system in your lounge. You may even decide to replicate the cinema experience even further by purchasing a popcorn machine and block out curtains to offer the optimum viewing experience.

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The benefits of a Home Theatre System

Owning a home theatre system has numerous benefits. Watching movies at the theatre is a fun experience for the whole family. However going to the cinema can be expensive and inconvenient. With your own system you can enjoy your favourite movies with your family without having to leave your house. Not only is it more convenient, it is also cheaper than paying for movie tickets at the cinema.

With your own theatre system at home you have a wider range of movie selections and you can also watch movies at a time that suits you without being to restricted to a cinema schedule. Compared to regular television viewing, owning a home theatre offers you a better visual and audio experience.

living room home theatre system

You can use your system for the ultimate sports experience or for gaming. Whether you are watching the next rugby game with friends or hosting a gaming night, having a home theatre will enhance the experience for your guests.

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Some of the big brands

Now that we know the benefits of owning a home theatre system let us take a look at some of the models and audio systems that are available. When you are buying this equipment it is advisable to look for a reputable brand such as Samsung, LG and Sony. Well-known brands offer better quality sound and visuals as well as a reliable performance.

Samsung Home Theatre System

A 5.1 Channel 3D Blue Ray Tall Boy Samsung Home Theatre System is a great option. The HT-J5550 model is priced at R 5999. It has a power output of 1000W with a disc capacity of 1.

home theatre system from samsung

Image Source: Samsung South Africa Website.

Highlights of this system are its 3D Blu Ray, Blu Ray video and DVD capabilities. It is compatible with both MP3 and JPEG. The 3D sound plus has 1 sound mode as well as BD wise and live. Manufactured by Samsung, this home theatre offers a superior performance.

LG Home Theatre System

The LHB655-FC LG home theatre system has 3D Blu Ray as well as DVD. With CD and USB connectivity options you can play all your favourite songs from this system. The LG Smart Music Hi-Fi Flow speakers offer a superior sound quality so you can enjoy your music at its best. Bluetooth connectivity makes it simple to play songs from your music app.

The LG application means that you can use your smartphone to find what you want to watch on your system. This home theatre for sale offers 2D and 3D Blue ray playback as well as DVD and CD playback.

home theatre system from lg

Image Source: LG South Africa Website.

With Private Sound Mode you can send audio from the system wirelessly to your smartphone and listen through headphones. This 5.1 Channel Home Theatre system has a power output of 1000W.

Sony Home Theatre System Audio

If you are looking for a Sony home theatre system, the Sony Samsung Mm-j320 provides excellent audio. It offers clear sound and is easy to connect to your home theatre via Bluetooth.

sony home theatre systems

Image Source: Samsung Website.

With its sleek design this audio system also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home theatre. Crystal Amp Pro technology enhances the performance of this system. You can find a Sony audio system for sale from R1542.37.

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Amplify your entertainment with a Home Theatre System
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Amplify your entertainment with a Home Theatre System
From watching sports to enjoying your favourite movies, there are some stunning reasons to find a great deal on a home theatre system for sale.
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