Another 3 Events in September 2012 You Can Check Out!

September 2012 is in full swing. Spring has finally made its arrival. This season is the perfect reason for you to get out of the house for a change. You are probably looking for some stuff to do in this month. Today I’m recommending another 3 Events in September 2012 that you can check out!

Jozi Tens: This rugby tournament takes place in Parkhurst in Johannesburg on the 14th and 15th of September 2012 (this coming weekend). Yes folks the hugely popular Cape Town Tens (the biggest Tens rugby tournament in the world) announced the launch of the inaugural Jozi Tens a few weeks ago. In case you were wondering, this is going down at the historic Pirates Rugby Club.

The Jozi tens will consist of up to 30 teams spread across two divisions – the Heavy Beer and Light Beer Division – this means that the Jozi Tens allows teams of all skill levels to participate.  You’ll also be able to join your mates for a cold one in the beer tent and enjoy the awesome music line-up which will include Ard Matthews, Gareth Cliff and others.

Local Rugby Legends will also be making their appearance over the weekend. And there will also be a kiddie’s entertainment section to keep the kids busy and a “women’s zone” for all the ladies. There will be a “best dressed” competition over the weekend. The theme for the competition is “Tight and Bright”.  Two lucky winners with the most creative outfit will win an all-expense paid trip to Cape Town for the Cape Town Tens in February 2013. They will also stand a chance to win an overseas trip to the Hong Kong Tens and Hong Kong 7’s extravaganza in 2013.

Tickets to the Jozi Tens tournament cost R100 per person and R50 per student. Children under 12 years old can enter for free. For more information phone Andrea on 021 6714127 or follow @tensrugby on Twitter.

Darling Wild Flower Show: This show takes place from the 14th to the 16th September 2012 (this coming weekend) at the Darling Club. In case you did not know, the Darling Wild Flower Show has been presented by the Darling Wild Flower Society since 1917.

Work is largely done by volunteers. The society focusses on two significant aspects of renosterveld: its unique character and the urgent need for its conservation.

Recently the Darling Wild Flower Trust was founded and whilst continuing to support local charities, the income from the Darling Wild Flower show now mainly goes towards conservation initiatives like the Darling Flora Project.

The Darling Wildflower Show will feature a hall landscaped with Darling Wild Flowers (from the most fragile and rare to the ones easily found), stalls with all sorts of interesting goodies and an exhibition tent which will showcase all gardening, conservation and landscaping related goods. Pretty cool if you ask me. For more information phone 022 4923361 or visit  the Darling Wild Flower Society website.

Glenwood Festival: This event takes place this weekend (from 14 to 16 September) in Durban. It’s the sixth year in a row that this festival gets held in one of Durban’s most thriving suburbs. The Glenwood festival will offer a busy weekend full of music, civic, sports and spiritual events.

The festival kicks off on Friday evening with the Glenwood Community Proms. The Durban City Orchestra also presents a musical feast for the whole family at the Glenwood Prep School and there will also be special guest performances that will surprise everyone! Festival goers are invited to bring picnic baskets, camp chairs and blankets.

This Saturday will bring a lot of sports and fun events for the young people of Durban. The action kicks off at 7 AM with the Life Entabeni Hospital 5 km Fun Walk and Run from Stella Club. This will be followed by the Waltons “Back-to-School” Treasure Hunt in Bulwer Park.

Glenwood Prep will be hosting the Artists in Action and Annual Glenwood Chess Challenge and there will also be a craft market there on Saturday. The school will also host a soccer match between the East Coast Radio Adidas All-Stars and the Glenwood All-Stars on the same day.

On Sunday the Food Lover’s Market will be on at Bulwer Park. You can expect stall holders selling unique types of food, from specialist gourmet meats, olives, breads and lots of special dishes. Tickets to the Glenwood Festival are available at R65 and can be bought at Glenwood Prep. For more information phone James on  082 4522757.

There you have it, another 3 Events in September 2012! And the best thing is, they are all happening this weekend! Watch this space for regular updates in the Events category on the Junk Mail Blog.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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