Another Collection of the Top10 Funny Signs

It has been a while since Junk Mail has featured some Funny Signs  to brighten your buying and selling day. These posts have always brought a smile to all our fans faces (which is the  reason why we are reviving the section).

There are many things that provide laughter and amusement in our every day lives.  Even some of the FREE Ads placed on the Junk Mail website have had us rolling on the fall in our Find an Amusing Ad competition. If you have an eye for finding something hilarious then this competition is just for you.

We hope you have a good sense of humour and are ready to giggle at the 10 Funny Signs below:

Car Shower

With Teeth

Don't Laugh At The Natives

Unattended Children

Transkei Limo Rentals

Fasten Brastraps

Dangerous Pedestrians

Bank Manager

No Tap Water

Secret Nuclear Bunker

We hope these funny signs have given you some comic relief to get on with your buying and selling. If you’ve found this post interesting, please share it with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Remember that Sharing is Caring.

Do you live in Cape Town? Do you have a sense of humor? Check out the latest Junk Mail Ipad 2 Competition for all Junk Mail Cape Town fans and Junk Mail users living in the Western Cape. The competition requires all Cape Townians to find funny adverts on the Junk Mail site and share it on the Facebook wall with us and a Western Cape mate. The top 10 funny adverts chosen by the judges will go head to head in a face-off and the funny advert with the most votes will be declared the winner.

If you have found a Junk Mail Advert that was super funny and almost made you cry with laughter then share it with us on one of our Facebook walls. We love to find funny and Amusing Adverts on Junk Mail. The joy we get from funny adverts is similar to the joy you get after selling your goods on Junk Mail after placing a Free Ad, it is just priceless!

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