Antique shopping, the green choice

Sustainable shopping is a trend, and now more than ever, the same is true for the furniture industry. There is more than enough furniture in the world. Furniture waste is now a documented term and is estimated at over 8 million tons of waste per year. Naturally, with the worldwide green trend, antique furniture sales are rising along with it.

Sustainable and stylish, antique furniture is the green choice
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Here are 7 reasons why antique furniture is the green choice:

Antiques withstand the test of time

Despite the age of antique furniture, they are known for their quality and can last for decades. So you don’t replace your furniture as often, and that means less manufacturing pollution.

No need to cut down more trees

With the world’s growing concerns regarding deforestation, the majority of which is for the furniture industry, buying into the antique trend definitely saves the world a tree or two.

Decrease Landfill Waste

Buying antique, recycling and upcycling furniture can decrease landfill waste. With furniture waste becoming a more recognized term, we can reduce the numbers by choosing to shop for beautiful, handcrafted antique pieces.

Inspire your Community

Buying sustainable or antique furniture encourages “going green” in your community. With every purchase, you start a conversation and set an example for your friends and family. You get to show off how stylish antiques really are without adding to the world’s carbon footprint.

It’s trendy!

The trend for having one-of-a-kind furniture is growing, along with people’s awareness of our impact on the environment. The appeal of buying antique furniture is that nothing needs to be produced. Just like buying vintage pieces of clothing, it is a sure-fire way of reducing waste.

Support Local Business

Local stays lekker and is always the best way to support your community. Locally owned businesses give communities a unique character, and nothing screams “unique” like antique.

It’s an investment

Buying off auctions or from antique stores are less harsh on your pocket. Plus, the pieces you buy usually increase in value over time. So, buying antiques is more than just a green purchase.

Not sure where to start? Why not start at Pretoria Auctioneers. At Pretoria Auctioneers, you’ll find valuable pieces while contributing to the cause. Now that’s truly timeless.

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Antique shopping, the green choice
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Antique shopping, the green choice
Sustainable shopping is a trend and the same is true for the furniture industry. With the worldwide green trend, antique furniture sales are rising...
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