Apple iPad Mini Unveiled

Yesterday the Apple iPad Mini was announced. In case you did not know, it’s a smaller version of the Apple iPad tablet. In effect the technology giant has confirmed rumours of a smaller version of the iPad that have been floating around for most of this year.

According to My Broadband, the Apple iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch screen. The device is only 7.2 mm thick and weighs only 310 grams. It’s 23% thinner than the recently announced fourth generation iPad. The Apple iPad Mini will be available in black and white. The device’s screen uses the same resolution as the Apple iPad 2 (1024 x 768 pixels).

The device runs on a dual-core A5 processor, has a front Face Time HD camera and a back 5 megapixel iSight camera (capable of recording 1080p HD videos).  The Apple iPad Mini supports LTE technology and Wi-fi and uses the new Apple Lightning Connector (which is used on the iPhone 5). It also has a 10 hour battery life.

The Apple iPad Mini will be available in the United States on the 26th of October 2012. Like it’s big brother, the Apple iPad, there will be 16 Gb, 32 Gb and 64 Gb models available. At this stage it’s unknown when the device will be available in South Africa.

It seems that Apple will be entering the market for smaller tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the Amazon Kindle) with the release of the Apple iPad Mini. Some analysts are saying that Apple is pricing the device too high to compete in this market though. Only time will tell if the Apple iPad Mini will be a hit among tablet users.

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