Arbour Week: 1

Arbor Week is coming up. In South Africa 1983 marked the first Arbour day on 6 September. In 1999 Arbour week was instituted. Arbour week, or tree planting week, runs from 1-7 September.

Tree planting is an old Judaic tradition but J Sterling Morton of Nabraska, USA, first started an official Arbour day in 1872.

In South Africa each year two types of trees are planted; one common and one rare indigenous tree.

This year the chosen trees are:

Common tree: Apiesdoring/ Monkey thorn (Acacia galpinii)

Rare: Notsung/ Tree fuchsia (Halleria lucida)

or Round-leaved Teak/ Dopperkiaat (Pterocarpus Rotundifolius)

Planting trees is good for conservation and the eco-system. Please do your bit by planting a tree.

Have a look in our Plants, Trees & Flowers section and our garden appliances section.

Source: Wikipedia


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