Autumn Gardening Tips: How to prepare for the winter months

Had some of your plants die last year? Don’t let it happen again!

Compost Heap

Autumn gives you time to prepare your garden for the side effects of winter and if preparations are done well, it will save you a lot of trouble in spring. Autumn gardening can be fun and fulfilling…

Take precautions by going to a garden centre, buy hessian and stakes. Cut the hessian into strips and wind it around the stems of tender trees and standards.

Tropical plants are not made for the cool interior winter, so make sure they are well covered, especially the large leaf plants. In addition to covering them, put some mulch around the roots, which will also protect these delicate plants during winter.

Mulch is designed to retain moisture, deter weeds and keep the soil from eroding. The benefits of mulch are plentiful. It reduces the need for constant watering as it keeps the soil moist. Mulch also enriches the existing soil  and will prevent rain and other elements from washing it away.gardening
Make your own mulch by shredding leaves, grass, bark and sticks or buy  it from any garden centre. The mulch layer should be between 5cm and  10cm thick.

Start prepping for spring now to save yourself time and a lot of trouble.  You can plant various bulbs now as well as a wide variety of vegetables.  Do not stop mowing your lawn until it has completely stopped growing.  Continue fertilising and weeding your lawn and your garden will continue  looking well taken care of and beautiful even in the cold months.

To make sure you have all the tools you need to keep your garden healthy during autumn and winter, have a look at what is on offer on

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