Awesome places to visit on the North Coast, South Africa

Kwa-Zulu Natal’s, North Coast which is commonly known as the Dolphin Coast is a part of South Africa’s playground that has breath-taking sceneries as well as endless beaches. The Dolphin Coast offers great warm waters, with astonishing waves and magnificent beaches set alongside Sugarcane fields. The North Coast offers effortless sunshine filled days for most of the year with perfect surfing, swimming and fishing conditions.


It has been renamed the Dolphin Coast due to the frequent sightings of the Bottlenose Dolphins who surfs the waves of the Indian Ocean. While the North Coast offers tourists amazing beaches, it also has various battlefields, heritage routes and the coastal towns which offers endless activities.

Must See Places when on Vacation on the North Coast:


  • Nature Reserve

The North Coast has 2 Nature Reserves that tourist can visit, to broaden their knowledge on the Great King Shaka. The Amatikulu Nature Reserve is along the coastline for a width of 3kms and length of 17kms. This nature reserve has various hiking trails, 4×4 trails and tented accommodation. You can also tour this reserve with a canoe or small motor boat. The Harold Johnson Nature Reserve is a smaller nature reserve but has 2 National Monuments combined with natural beauty.


  • Luthuli Museum

This is located at the former home of Chief Albert Luthuli. This museum celebrates the life of Chief Albert Lithulu and the former Nobel Prize Winner. This is the home where he and his family stayed and has now become a National Monument and Museum.


  • Ballito & Zimbali

Ballito and Zimbali provides the best beaches. To spend a perfect summer’s day, it is best done at one of the beaches along Ballito or Zimbali. Zimbali also offers an exclusive 5 star hotel tucked away in the forest, cradled with immaculate lakes boasting elegance, opulence and sophistication. Ballito also has a tidal pool and offers various water sport activities.


  • Holla Trails

The holla trails that are situated among the mountains of Ballito caters for both hiking and biking. The tracks vary and holds a spectacular view.


The holla trails that are situated among the mountains of Ballito caters for both hiking and biking. The tracks vary and holds a spectacular view.

The North Coast is a nature lover’s home…. So spend your next family vacation within a peaceful and tranquil environment with something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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