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South Africa is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The country has an extensive coastline as well as an abundance of lakes and rivers. Fishing is a great way to escape from the city on the weekends and relax in a tranquil environment. If you are trying to catch trout, you should go fishing in cool mountain streams. Deep sea fishing will give you the opportunity to catch big fish such as barracuda and tuna. There is vast range of fishing equipment for sale and it is important to have the correct gear.


Using Baitrunner reels for fishing:

Baitrunners are a useful piece of fishing equipment which reduces the chance of losing a fish once it has taken the bait. You can find Baitrunners for sale online and purchasing good quality used fishing equipment is a cost effective option. Conventional spool reels have a clutch system which allows the line flow to be adjusted. This prevents the line from snapping by allowing the fish to take an increased or decreased amount of line. A useful technique when fishing is to eliminate the resistance when a fish takes the bait.

Baitrunner style reels make this technique easy by providing a second drag which is lighter than the first. The Baitrunner enables the fish to take the bait without any resistance and to travel with the bait to ensure that the fish has swallowed enough of the bait for you to set the hook. It is easy to set the hook at the right moment by winding the reel. A lever on the reel makes it simple to activate or deactivate the Baitrunner feature by switching to a conventional drag system when necessary. Baitrunners are a good option if you are fishing in estuaries and bays. If you are fishing for Bream or Snapper you should use a Baitrunner.



Looking for baitrunner reels for sale? Be sure to look on for a large variety of angling equipment for sale, both fresh- and saltwater alike.



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  1. archie says:

    Appreciate the well written article but you need to know that the term “baitrunners” is not a comonly used tackle description by south african anglers. That type of reel is known as a coffee grinder type and baitfishing is not generalised but broken down into categories. For example; estuarine bait fishing, deep sea bait fishing, freshwater bait fishing and carp fishing. When we read baitfishing we immediately think this is an american article. The official name of the reel you describe may be a bait runner reel but they are known universally in southern Africa as coffee grinders. Even in professional tackle shops! But otherwise, good article!

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