Bathroom makeovers and ideas for a fresh look

Looking for some epic bathroom makeovers and ideas to breathe new life into your bathroom? Today we tackle some cool bathroom renovation ideas covering everything from toilet seats and DIY bathroom tips, to basins and taps for sale.

bathroom makeovers and renovation ideas

Try some new bathroom taps

A great and quick way to add some new to life to your bathroom is replacing the taps – be it in the shower, the bath or even the bathroom basin. Taps add that final touch and finding the perfect bathroom taps to complete the look is super important.

If you are on a tight budget, simply look to replace your old taps with a more updated style. If you have mixer taps in your bathroom, find new mixer taps. If you have two under-tile taps, replace them with new under-tile taps. This will avoid having to adjust plumbing and replacing your bathroom tiles.

bathroom tap mounted on the wall

If you have a bigger budget for your bathroom renovation ideas, you can go all out and adjust plumbing and tiling to accommodate your bathroom taps.

bath taps

Tip: Choose the same design style taps for your bath, shower and basin. This will help tie your entire design and look together. When it comes to taps for sale, you can find some great deals listed on Junk Mail. Such a small addition, it can make a huge difference in bathroom makeovers.

It’s time for a new bath

Whether your tub is old and outdated, or just too bland for your bathroom ideas, finding baths for sale can really make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom.

Depending on the space you have to work with in your bathroom, you can choose between a selection of stunning options that include corner baths, freestanding baths and built-in baths.

Freestanding baths for sale are a popular option for many South Africans. Elegant and with stunning designs available, you can create a modern and sophisticated bathroom or go completely old school and shabby chic.


free standing tub

Depending on the floor space you have available and the look you want to create, opting for a corner bath is another fabulous option. Available in a range of sizes, a corner bath can help to create a feel of exclusivity. If you really want an all-in-one solution, corner baths also double great as showers.

corner bath doubling as a shower

You also have the option of going for the traditional built-in bath. A great idea if you have a smaller budget and a built-in bath already, you can simply replace the old with the new, keeping the plumbing more or less intact, making sure that your new dimensions match your old ones. Keep in mind that, depending on what design you choose, some adjustments might have to be made. But, on the flip side, you can use this opportunity to give your bath a new ‘wall’ or surround, replacing tiles with wood.

bathroom renovation ideas

Don’t forget to find great deals on baths for sale by browsing through the items listed on Junk Mail.

Spruce up your shower

A big part of bathroom makeovers is giving your shower a new look. This can be as easy finding shower doors for sale that flaunt an updated look. Again, budget is important, so be sure of your dimensions and try to find the same type of shower doors (or shower doors that can be accommodated in your space) to avoid major bathroom renovations.

shower doors for sale

You can even give your existing shower a DIY makeover. Check out our “Easy DIY ideas for a fresh new bathroom” for some awesome ideas.

Another simple trick to breathe new life into your shower is replacing your shower taps. Like with your bath, try to find shower taps that can easily replace those you already have to avoid major retiling and plumbing adjustments.

If you have a big budget for your bathroom renovation ideas, you can go all out and replace your old shower with something completely new. There are stunning, modern and elegant showers for sale, so shop around for one that will match your big picture idea for your new bathroom. Remember, you don’t have to go traditional here. Go big or go home, right?

custom shower design

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power replacing an old shower curtain can have. A relatively inexpensive solution, a new shower curtain can help a lot towards adding a fresh look to your bathroom.

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Time to give the toilet some attention

You can add a touch of beauty to your bathroom without braking the bank. With the simple addition of a new toilet seat you can make your bathroom feel almost new. There are tons of beautiful designs out there, so shop around and a find toilet seat that matches your designs and bathroom ideas.

find toilets for sale

Finding the perfect toilets for sale is just as important as choosing the right shower doors and bathroom taps. Again, your options here in terms of design is quite large, with various options to match different budgets, styles and designs.

Floor standing toilets are a popular option and can, in some cases, be easily replaced with a newer model.

new toilet seat

If you have a bigger budget for your bathroom renovations, you can opt for wall hung toilets. Elegant, these models are great if you are looking for something more modern and sleek. You can even opt for a beautiful flush plate instead of the traditional handle.

modern wall mounted toilets for sale

Bathroom basins for a functional touch of elegance

Choosing the right bathroom basins can also add a new, fresh look to your bathroom. If your budget is tight, opt to replace the basin taps along with your bath and shower. New bathroom taps can really make a world of difference.

Again, to avoid major plumbing adjustments, choose to replace your old taps with newer and more stylish models – if you have a mixer tap, replace it with a mixer tap, and if you have a wall mounted tap, replace it with a wall mounted tap.

mixer bathroom taps

With a bigger budget, you can opt to replace your old basin with a newer model. Again, to avoid braking the bank, replace your old one with a similar type. A wall mounted basin can be replaced without completely throwing away the installed elements, while a countertop basin gives you the opportunity to freshen up the installed counter.

updated bathroom counter for a basin

A BIG factor to always keep in mind when choosing basins, showers, tubs, toilets and even bathroom taps is that they should complement each other and not ‘fight’ in terms of style, design and functionality. At the end of the day, this is your bathroom. So take the time to decode what it is YOU really want. Your mom and guests don’t have to like it 😛

5 bathroom ideas for a touch of WOW

There are tons of fun DIY projects and bathroom ideas that can give your bathroom a fresh new look without you having to take out a loan. With small touches you can turn a drab, outdated bathroom into something that is unique and beautiful.

That old bathroom cabinet

If you have that drab, outdated bathroom cabinet mounted to the wall, it might be time for you to take that down and replace it with a simple mirror. Depending on the wall space you have available, you can opt for either larger bathroom mirrors or mirrors with more intricate designs. Framed bathroom mirrors are quite popular and, with great designs that can match any bathroom, you are sure to find the perfect one.

large bathroom mirrors

Tip: If you are tired of the bathroom cabinet but desperately need the storage space, you can find some great alternative storage ideas by checking out our “Clever and creative storage solutions for a functional space” post.

Get rid of the old towel rail

Replacing your towel rail can also add an extra finishing touch to your bathroom. An easy enough DIY task to get done, you can just replace your old rail with a new one or, take it a step further by installing a creatively functional towel rail instead.

modern towel rails for the bathroom

Do something creative on the walls

Think of the bathroom walls as any other wall in your home. Adding homey touches that are fun (and maybe even a bit colourful) can create a wonderful bathroom everyone can enjoy.

wall decor in the bathroom

Give your bathroom cabinet a makeover

In the spirit of this being a bathroom makeovers post, you can also opt to upgrade what you have. A relatively easy and affordable DIY project is giving your bathroom cabinet a fresh coat of paint. You can even install new drawers and shelves to make it a more functional storage solution as well.

makeovers and bathroom renovation ideas

Install shelving in the bathroom

Shelving is great solution to storage, but with the right ideas and materials, you can create a visual focus point in the bathroom that is not only functional, but absolutely stunning as well.

install bathoom shelves

Do you have any bathroom renovation ideas and tips? Share it with us in the comment section below!

Have your bathroom ideas locked and ready to go? Find awesome deals on everything from bathroom basins and toilets to showers and taps for sale on Junk Mail! What are you waiting for? Get busy and create a stunning bathroom you will never want to leave.

Bathroom makeovers and ideas for a fresh look
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Bathroom makeovers and ideas for a fresh look
Today we tackle some cool bathroom makeovers and renovation ideas covering everything from toilet seats and DIY bathroom tips, to basins and taps for sale.
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