You don’t need a special Canon camera to take great photos

Most of us know Instragram, the photo social media app for Android and Apple smartphones. The app makes it easy to add filters on your photos and then share them with the world online. The best thing is that you don’t have to lug around Canon SLR camera to take your photos, also no need to find a Canon for sale. All your Instagram photos can be taken using your smartphone.

Unless you are Murad Osmann. He uses his digital camera to take pictures of his girlfriend leading him around the world, every picture features a different exotic location. He then spreads these pictures around the world using his Instagram account. The pictures have gone viral on the internet over the past three weeks and the name Murad Osmann is on everybody’s lips.

Some of the locations in seen in Murad’s photos are London, Thailand, Disney World and many others. You never see his girlfriend’s face in the pictures. The mystery caused by not being able to see the face of this beautiful girl (recently revealed to be Nataly Zakharova) has helped poke at the curiosity of everyone who has seen the pictures.

This is a great example of how the internet and social media can help spread something unique and beautiful. What are you waiting for? Grab your Canon camera, or if you don’t have a Canon grab your smartphone and start taking pictures that shows the world your perspective on the world. Here are some of the pictures taken by Murad.

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