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The espresso capsule has become very popular lately, especially the Nespresso brand, featuring George Clooney in their recent TV adverts. When it comes to finding coffee machines for sale, Nespresso is a fantastic choice. Delonghi coffee machines are another popular option. If you are looking for elegance and great flavour, you can try the Nescafe coffee machines. These machines make a great gift. They also complement any event, meeting or party where people can help themselves to delicious espressos and coffees. You can buy or sell coffee machines on Junk Mail.


Nespresso Coffee Machines

With its innovative and simple design, the Nespresso coffee machines are easy-to-use. Their cutting edge technology offers a balance of elegance and practicality. Top of the range machines offer 19 bars of pressure. The Nespresso coffee machines for sale deliver a tasty espresso which is topped by thick crema. The capsule top is ruptured by a blade system and the machine evenly disburses the water to ensure that the coffee flavours are extracted properly. A convenient feature of this machine is that the water temperature can be altered electronically. The Gran Maestria is priced at R5,950. The Nespresso accessories allow you to personalise your coffee and add a creative flair to your experience.


The Nespresso capsules are so alluring because they contain world renowned Grand Crus coffees. The capsules have an aesthetically appealing design and they protect the coffee grains from losing their flavour. The elegant capsule design stops oxidation and prevents the coffee from being affected by air or light. The hermetically sealed membrane helps to ensure that you can enjoy a fresh cup of flavoursome coffee. Nespresso capsules contain top quality coffees which have been expertly combined and prepared to suit the pallets of coffee connoisseurs across the globe. You can select a Nespresso capsule according to the intensity of its flavour and aromic profile. The Kazaar capsule is suited to people who like their coffee strong and has an exceptionally intense and syrupy flavour. Dharkan is slightly less intense with a long roasted and velvety aromic profile. For those who are looking for a milder coffee flavour, the Caramelito or Vanilio are both excellent choices. The best way to choose a capsule for Nespresso coffee machines is to try a range of flavours before picking your favourites. It’s also a great idea to have a selection of Nespresso capsules to offer guests when they are visiting your home. You can identify each blend by its unique capsule colour. The capsules are made from recyclable materials.


Another benefit of finding one of these coffee machines for sale is that the Nespresso Club offers its members an extensive range of exclusive services. You can order capsules online anytime and delivery is free for large orders. Alternatively, you can organize a Nespresso Boutique pick up telephonically. Assistance is readily available if you are having technical problems with your machine. An advantage of being part of the Nespresso Club is that it offers you a fast and efficient delivery service. Coffee specialists are on hand to give you advice and help select capsules which meet your unique requirements.


Delonghi coffee machines

True to their slogan “Better every day” Delonghi coffee machines use innovative technology to offer their customers excellently prepared coffee. The Genio Edg 456.S is convenient and easy to use. This machine uses capsules which help to keep the coffee grains fresh. It has a 15 bar pump pressure and a water container capacity of 0.65 litres. The Genio Edg lets you prepare a freshly brewed cup of coffee in seconds. This model can be purchased for R1,999.


The Circolo Edge 605.R is an automatic machine which offers an efficient way to make coffee. Features of this model include its thermoblock heating system and adjustable dip tray. Its elegant exterior is complemented by a fantastic performance. A LCD display and sliding cup support are other highlights of these coffee machines for sale. The multi-beverage system allows you to make a variety of hot and cold drinks. It has a pump pressure of 15 bars and 1.3 l water container capacity. The expected price for this machine is R 1,989.


The BCO 130 is a 4 bar espresso combi machine which can be used to make a range of different types of coffee. From cappuccinos to espressos you can use this machine to prepare flavoursome brews. Highlights of this model include an IFD system, exclusive safety cap and removable dip tray. This coffee machine can be purchased at R 1,497.


Whether it’s to help you wake up in the morning or to serve to guests on special occasions, coffee is part of many people’s everyday lives. Coffee machines help you to make delicious coffee without any hassle. If you want to be able to prepare quality coffee easily, why not check out the coffee machines for sale on Junk Mail? From Nescafe coffee machines to Delonghi coffee machines – you are sure to find it on Selling your coffee machine? Place your free ad on Junk Mail!

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