The Best Cars for Capetonians

cars_for_sale_Cape-TownAh, the most wonderful town of cape, finding cars for sale in this place is like pulling splinters. You need something that’s cool in summer and warm in winter. Something that looks just as good parked outside a fancy restaurant as it does on the side of the road next to the beach. You need something reliable, wind proof and rust resistant. But most of all, you need something that says “I am Capetonian”.

To make things a little easier for you, I have compiled a short list of cars that I thinkwould suit Cape Town and the weird and wonderful people that live there. Cars that are functional and cars that look good regardless if they’re on a Sunday drive along Chapman’s Peak, on the way to the beach or parked outside Beluga. The cars in question are also fairly accessible and are not, as one would expect of Cape Town, a hot 100 of the most expensive cars. They are, in no particular order:

Fiat 500

It doesn’t really matter if you get the standard 500, the 500 c (convertible) or even the Abarth version, this little car is as pretty as the mountain whose shade it often sits under. It’s functional and has 5 seats, a decent sized boot and, most importantly, it looks good, I mean really good. I have seen them parked on Long Street, outside the University, on Camps Bay and Blouberg beaches and parked outside cruising down the road towards Muizenberg. If there was ever a place, outside of Italy, that looked like this car belonged to, it would be Cape Town.

Nissan Juke

My love of the Juke is well documented and if it’s getting a bit tiresome, tough, this car is awesome. It seems like, no matter the situation, this little piece of engineering brilliance seems to excel in it. As far as being Capetonian, the styling of this little car alone wins the award for Cape Town’s best dressed. When you add that, to the brilliant engineering, the spacious interior and the nippy little engine, you have the makings of a brilliant Cape Town runabout.

Jeep Wrangler

Whenever I’m in Cape Town, I see hundreds of these things floating around the place and at first, I was slightly mystified as to why. But, having rented one for a week, I can now see the appeal. The ride is brilliant and as many know, the older Cape Town roads are a right royal pain in the derriere. Seeing as it’s an off-roader, it can also go fishing and dune crusing and, because you can take the roof off, you can do all those things whilst enjoying the cool wind and warm summer sunshine.

Capetonian Coming Through

Even though only three cars have made it onto the list, I’m sure there are more. These are merely the ones that I think suit the place and the people, the best. By all means, come to your own conclusion, and if you want to know where to find popular cars for sale in Cape Town, have a look at the cars for sale section found on the Junk Mail website and in the weekly publications.

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