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One of South Africa’s most celebrated sons, is going to be performing once again on South African soil. The 61 year old, singer, songwriter, dancer, musical activist and anthropologist has just recently returned from the US after performing 42 shows in 67 nights.


He was born in England in 1953, to an English father and Zimbabwean Mother and was brought up in his mother’s native land, Zimbabwe. He lived in Zimbabwe until the age of 7, then immigrated to South Africa after his mom married a South African journalist. He then spent 2 years living in Zambia with his parents and then again returned to South Africa when he was 11 years of age.

His mom was a cabaret and Jazz singer, which inspired Johnny to become a musician. His step dad being a crime reporter, took Johnny into the townships from an early age which exposed him to a broader cultural perspective.


Johnny Clegg’s vibrant blend of Western Pop music collaborated with African Zulu Rhythms have exploded onto the international music scene. He has even broke through all barriers in his own country. His brand of crossover music has sold over 5 million albums worldwide in the past 3 decades. Johnny teamed up with Sipho Mchunu (songwriter and performance partner at that time) and named their new band Juluka which means “Sweat” in Zulu. They released their first album in late 1979, “Universal Men”, which was produced by Hilton Rosenthal. Johnny Clegg was first signed up by Hilton to his independent label, who drove this project with passion and commitment.

Clegg released many albums but could not get any airplay because of the mixed music and it was during the Apartheid Era. They had to end their band in 1985 as the Apartheid law did not allow mixed music or mixed races performing together.


He went on to pursue a solo career and up until today he is still performing live concerts and releasing vibrant blends of music. Johnny Clegg will be performing once again on Johannesburg soil, after playing sold out shows in Eastern Cape and Cape Town.

Event Details:

Venue: The Mandela At Joburg Theatre – Johannesburg And Reef, Gauteng
Dates: 23rd – 26th October 2014
Time: 23rd -25th October 08:00 pm & 26th October 02:00 pm
Cost: R216 – R390

So catch Johnny Clegg, live, and be uplifted, moved and humored by his personal story and journey through life as well as watch him perform his rare and unplugged music.

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