The Best Sports Cars for sale of 2014

Cars_for_Sale_in_JohannesburgEverybody, at least once, has entertained the idea of owning a sports car and it doesn’t matter if you’re a young exec with some cash to splash, an older gentleman experiencing a mid-life crisis or anybody in between, I can help you find sports cars for sale. I have created a list of the best sports cars of 2014. Now this is in no way a normal list, it’s one that I have tailor made for South Africans. The cars on the list are not the most expensive sports cars ever to be produced so you won’t see the likes of the Jaguar F-Type or the new Nissan GT.

Instead, I have populated the list with cars that are both brilliant in what they do, i.e. being a sports car, and are the ones that are actually attainable. They are the ones that many South Africans, should they want to, could actually afford.

No. 5 – The Mazda MX-5

Sitting at the bottom of the list, lies the iconic Mazda MX-5. Despite the fact that this is still one of the most popular little sports cars in the world, it made it to the bottom of the list because I feel Mazda has dropped the ball a bit. Even though it is brilliant in that it handles well, is nippy, safe and mind numbingly reliable, I feel the excitement of the little car has gone. It’s a sort of carbon copy that’s had a dash of glitter added to it. And I’m afraid, as much as many will protest, that a little glitter does not an exciting car make.

No. 4 – The Nissan 370 Z

Like most cars Nissan has created, the Juke and GT-R to name a few, the 370 Z excels in every area and even though it might not be the fastest or the best around the corners, as an overall package, few cars can match it. It looks good, sounds great, is fast enough to make sure you’re never bored and, like all things Nissan, is nigh on indestructible. It’s also fairly cheap with prices for the cars sitting around the R400 000 mark.

No. 3 – The Toyota 86

The new Toyota 86 is probably the first exciting sports car that has come out of Japan since the heady days of the Supra and the 2000 GT (both of which weren’t made available in South Africa). In fact, I’m hard pressed to remember Toyota bringing a proper sports car to SA and as far as I’m concerned, the little MR-2, with its tiny engine and front wheel drive, is as far from being a sports car as it’s possible to get and was driven largely by hairdressers and well-to-do teenagers. The new 2.0 litre, rear wheel drive 86 has all the necessary features of a sports car, and most importantly, is quite fast and fun to drive.

No. 2 – The Subaru BRZ

Seeing as this is Subaru’s first foray into the sports car market, traditionally they prefer the rough and tumble world of rally driving all-wheel drives, I felt it was necessary that they get a mention on the list. As far as I’m concerned, this car is brilliant and seeing as it has the legendary boxer engine in a car that doesn’t look like it’s going to the shops to get milk (as the Impreza always looked like it was). The 2.0 litre DOHC Boxer Engine combined with rear-wheel drive and a body that weighs less than any other car of its size, means this will be a properly fast car and one that will put a smile on your face each and every time you get behind the wheel.

No. 1 – The Alfa Romeo 4C

No list of the best sports cars will ever be complete without the presence of at least one Alfa Romeo. In this instance, the Alfa Romeo 4C makes itself known and it appears right at the top because it is, hands down, the prettiest car of 2014. Even though it is the most expensive of the lot, with prices starting at R800 000 when it goes on sale towards the end of the year, I think it will be well worth it. You only have to have the slightest of glimpses to know that this is Italian styling at its best. Not since the heady days of Bertone have we seen such a display. When you combine its looks with its potent little 1.7 litre turbocharged engine, you have the makings of an icon.

Get One

If you are looking for a new car and were thinking about making it one of the sports variety, I hope this list will be helpful. If you were wondering where to buy sports cars in Johannesburg, you’ll be able to find them all on the Junk Mail website. Hopefully, looking for sports cars for sale will be as enjoyable as driving them, good luck.

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