The Best Teenagers’ Cars for Sale

Buying your son or daughter their first car can be quite the harrowing experience and in an effort to make it simpler for you, I have created a quick post to show you which cars for sale are the best buys for teenagers.

Now before we start, I have a tiny bit of advice to give. This is your child’s first car, I can guarantee that at some point, it will get damaged. It might not be written off, the damage might not be that expensive, but I promise, IT WILL GET DAMAGED. This means that, even if you can afford to buy your child a massively expensive car, you shouldn’t. Not at first. Every teenager should be given a small, relatively cheap and extremely indestructible first car. I promise you, they will be doing handbrake turns, crashing into mountains, texting while they drive and doing their make-up on the highway. For the first few years, let them, to a certain degree, run wild. After that, by all means, if you have the money, feel free to buy them the fancy car they’ve always wanted.

The Cars

The Unlikely Hero – the Fiat Uno

Now seeing as this was my first car, perhaps my feelings towards it and its appearance on this list is a little biased, but it is, to this day, the best car I’ve ever had. It was small, extremely reliable despite its Italian heritage and virtually indestructible. I say virtually, because I did crash it a few times. But it was always fixed within a fortnight and always using cheap parts that I found at scrapyard. It had a simple 1100cc engine that had a top speed of 120 so speeding tickets were rare. It cost me R300 to fill the tank and that took me all the way to Durban. As small as it was, we still managed to fit 8 people in and it still managed to move forward. It was, in all respects, amazing. It never disappointed me and even though it wasn’t the smartest or most expensive or even the most exciting car in the parking lot, it was the one that everybody had the most fun in.

The Stalwart – VW’s Golf

Now this is a firm favourite the world over. Teenagers from nearly every country have been crashing in to each other since the little econobox made its first appearance in the 1970’s. It was, is and always will be the first choice for many a teenager. Pitch battles have been fought between VW driver’s and, well everyone else over whose car is best. The car is extremely reliable due to its German pedigree and the smaller engines aren’t too heavy on petrol. Parts are also cheap so if it does happen to end up in the bushes or a ditch, a quick visit to a dealership will put it right in a matter of minutes. Another attractive feature of the little Golf is all the aftermarket accessories that are available so your teenager can customise to their hearts content.

The Old Faithful – The Ford Range

The Ford range, in this regard, is dominated by their small car range: the Fiesta, the Focus and the Bantam. These cars have been around for many years and once again, they are relatively cheap, horribly reliable and most importantly, extremely sturdy. I’ve personally seen a Ford Fiesta that was wrapped around a bollard and the driver walked away with nothing more than a few bruises and a dented ego. Ford safety is known to be amongst the best in the world and the little cars will happily give their lives to make sure your youngster is kept safe. The small engines will also ensure that they can’t drive too fast and that petrol costs are kept at a minimum.

Some Asian Persuasion – Any Japanese Car

You can say what you want about the Japanese, but they can build cars. As far back as I can remember there has always been a Japanese built car that was making waves. Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, they all make extremely cheap and incredibly well-built cars. They look good, they sound good, they’re cheap on petrol and they will outlive the cockroach. Modern Japanese cars are also incredibly sturdy with Japanese manufacturer’s paying close attention to the EuroNCAP Rating System in order to break into the European market. This means that your child is encased in some of the most impressive engineering in the world and, should anything unfortunate happen, they will be as safe as it’s possible to be.

Safety First – Don’t Buy Anything That Was Designed to go Off-road

Now I’ve put this particular category in here for one very important reason. If you buy your teenager a car that was designed to go off-road, they will take it off-road. Now as harmless as this may sound, let’s just have a look at what a teenager thinks as off-road. You and I, when thinking about the word “off-road” will immediately think about the bush, the open veld, a forest or perhaps a few dunes at the beach. A teenager on the other hand, will also consider those places to be off-road, but he will add to that list places like curbs, the sports field at school or college, the bit of grass that separates highways or the dusty part that’s next to the road. Also, if they should decide to go off-road, they will attempt to scale the highest mountains and ford the deepest rivers which means you’ll be getting phone calls late at night and you’ll probably have to drive to the middle-of-nowhere to rescue your stricken teenager and the girl he was trying to impress.

Choose Carefully

cars-for-sale-for-teenagersSo if you’re looking to buy a car for your teenager, be smart. Don’t let their tantrums or your pride coerce you into making a bad decision. If you do want to buy them a fancy car, by all means, go ahead. Just wait a while so they can get the crashing phase out of their systems. It will also make knowing where to shop for cars for sale in Gauteng South Africa easier as there are millions of little teenager cars for sale in all kinds of conditions and all kinds of prices. So if you are thinking about which teenager cars for sale, I wish you good luck, it is and never will be an easy thing to do, but with Junk Mail we can make it a little easier for you.

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