The best trailers for sale in South Africa

There are different types of trailers, all designed for different needs and purposes. There are agricultural, leisure, camping and even custom trailers. Whether you need it for those school trips, a tourism retreat or a family gate-away, find the best affordable trailers in SA today.

Agricultural Trailers


Agricultural trailers serve purposes in the outdoors. Some are sealed and others can actually load Cattles/Livestock. Examples of agricultural trailers include: Garden utility trailers, where during a gardening process or landscape construction you can get the tools and equipment loaded onto the trailer without having to worry about the tools leaving dirt in your vehicle.

Another example of an agricultural trailer is a car transporter, used to load vehicles. The trailer can be adjusted to carry the maximum capacity of any vehicle. This means that instead of having your vehicle towed, you can let it be loaded on a car transporter trailer.

Weighing in at about 2400kg at a size of 6400x2400cm, you can achieve your outdoor work without having to worry about the mess.

Leisure Trailers


Ever wondered how they transport horses to those horse races or you have a horse but because you do not have the right trailer you cannot transport your horse to the wilderness for that horse riding with friends?

Why not get yourself a leisure trailer? Or, a horse box as it is known. This trailer is a horse carrier with internal lights and suspended groom bunks for an overnight stay. Your horse can be well taken care of without the fear of it ever getting harmed.
At a load capacity of 1500kg, and a Gross Vehicle Maximum (GVM) of 2500kg, you can load the healthiest horse.

Camping Trailers


Also known as a luggage trailers, are trailers for those school trips, tourism retreats or family vacations. After all, when you are just driving in a car, most of the passenger space is taken up by luggage. Why not safely transport the stuff you need with a camping trailer?

For years, families have made use of camping trailers for those get-togethers with family and friends at parks or zoos. Get a camping trailer for when you just need space to load extra baggage such as clothes or blankets.

At a size of 2700x1200x1350cm and a gross vehicle maximum of 350-3000kg, you can load everything you need, from food, tables, chairs, lunch boxes with food stored inside, drinks and etc., for those camping trips.

Custom Trailers


One of the many examples of a customised trailer unit include police kiosk stations or branded mobile trailers for companies who want to do door-to-door customer servicing, or a place to load things you need for face-to-face customer servicing. They help, because as with camping trailers, they can load just about everything you need to please your customers.

Custom trailers can be purchased to load up to 1000kg capacity at the size of 3700x1500x2400cm and you can use it as a branding machine to make people aware of your services.

To get a trailer that you need, whether it is for leisure, luggage, camping or agricultural, you can contact trailer dealerships or go to Makro and Game stores across South Africa for the trailer you are looking for, at prices starting at R24000 for Camp Master branded trailers.

But if you are looking for a second hand trailer, or affordable deals on new and used camping trailers for sale in South Africa, visit the Junk Mail website.

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