Bieber Fever Hits Cape Town!

Love him or hate him Canadian born pop star Justin Bieber is currently touring South Africa. He performed at Cape Town Stadium last night. He started his set early (20 minutes ahead of schedule), ensuring that the young crowd got into bed before midnight last night.

Bieber landed at the Cape Town International Airport on a private jet yesterday. Lots of Bieber fans (also known as Beliebers) gathered at the airport to greet him. Some of them waiting from 2 AM for a chance to catch a glimpse of him. Excitement filled the airport when fans first saw the star’s band members.

Justin Bieber in Cape Town

According to Channel 24 the 19-year-old star sent passions into overdrive as he made his way onto the stage dressed all in white, wearing reflector sunglasses and showing off the tattoos on his arms. Reports of girls fainting in the crowd surfaced in the media today. Luckily security and event officials were there to help – they passed out cups of water to make sure that the Beliebers stay hydrated during the concert.

Justin Bieber in CT

Apparently the crowd went absolutely berserk during the last part of his performance  (which he apparently did shirtless). Fact remains, Cape Town had a massive case of Bieber fever last night!

Johannesburg gets its turn to be at the receiving end of Bieber fever this weekend. Justin Bieber will be performing at the FNB Stadium (formerly Soccer City) this Sunday (the 12th of May 2013).

All General Standing tickets and Golden Circle tickets for the Johannesburg concert have been sold out, but don’t despair, you might still be able to buy Justin Bieber tickets from people selling them on Junk Mail!

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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6 Responses

  1. Koos Koekemoer says:

    Junk Mail, the only place where tickets should have been sold in the first place.
    Coz it’s junk.

    Why feed the kids crap, when there’s enough GOOD music going around.

    Beliebers, you’re evidence of a decaying world.

  2. Piet Aniel says:

    Laat ek dit so stel,
    Ek is selfs nie n FAN van hom nie, maar, luister sy musiek, of altans sy stem, hy het n goeie stem, sing oor wat kiddies en meisies van hou, so wat is die probleem met jou stelling ” GOOD music”, in my opinie sien ek hierdie as GOOD music, dalk nie vir my nie, want dis nie my styl nie, maar def vir die “meisies”.

    Hy maak miljoene, maak baie FANS, hou van wat hy doen, en is jonk, en MIN mense kand it doen, hierdie klink maar net vi my soos jaloesie 🙂

    Ek sal uitloop uit n plek uit as sy musiek da speel, maar kalmeer, en laat hy sy ding doen, soos helfde van die 1990 kids backstreetboys of whatever jy na geluister het luister.

    Be and let be. Lets not hate.

    Anyway awesome dag vi almal

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Dankie vir jou terugvoer Piet. Dis altyd interessant om verskillende menings te hoor oor musiek 🙂

      • Piet Aniel says:

        No probs, ek spot altyd oor JB, maar nogtans, mens moet dit in die ander lig sien, Ek sal wat eder na Pantera of Rage Against wil hoor, maar mens moet maar net jou rug draai as mens its sleg wil se. 🙂

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