Bluetooth Speakers: Creating music on-the-go

In the world of wireless Technology, the Bluetooth speakers reign supreme over the other wireless sound devices. They are convenient and are relatively cheap due to the market being saturated with many different variations, makes and models of Bluetooth speakers for sale. If you don’t know much about wireless speakers then keep on reading and allow us to clear a few things up for you.


What exactly is a Bluetooth speaker?

Normally speakers need a cable that attaches to an audio system to produce sound. Bluetooth enabled speakers do away with the cable and makes use of a Bluetooth connection to transfer the signals from audio source to speaker. It works similar to the way any Bluetooth headset would sync with your cell phone.


This is the most crucial part of a Bluetooth loudspeaker. From here on there are so many different variations in design and many different kinds of features that they all come with. We will go into this a bit later.

Don’t Wi-Fi speakers do the same thing?

Firstly we should mention that Bluetooth speakers are meant to be highly portable. Wi-Fi speakers are designed to be a household solution. You won’t always have a Wi-Fi connection when you are on the move.

Secondly, link directly to the audio source. Wi Fi speakers will need a link between the source and the speakers, normally in the form of a router.


Lastly, these speakers deliver better quality than Wi-Fi speakers do. This is because of the fact that Bluetooth is a direct connection.

Why buy a Bluetooth speaker?

While these wireless speakers are not for everyone, they do fill a very specific niche. Convenience is probably the biggest draw card here. If you want to listen to music coming from a digitized source like streaming, via your phone or computer, then a Bluetooth speaker is perfect for you.

If you are often in the wilderness like the beach or the park then you can bring your Bluetooth speaker with you and stream audio right from your cellphone. These speakers are perfect for anyone that wants music with the on the go but they don’t like to use earphones. It’s also perfect for small parties or gatherings where you want tunes playing in the background.


The features you should look out for in Bluetooth speakers for sale:

Device size

This is pretty simple. If the speaker is too big then it might become a burden to carry around making this a pointless purchase as the point of a Bluetooth speaker is portability. If it’s too small it might not have the output power to satisfy your music cravings.

Generally you get two sizes with Bluetooth speakers. The first is ultra-portable and the second is a semi portable size that’s almost the size of a loaf of bread.

It really depends on your preference. If you just want something that you can slip into your pocket for some entertainment then the more portable the better. If you want some serious portable sound then you will most likely opt for the second size.


Speaker size or arrangement

If the point of a Bluetooth speaker is to play sound, then the speaker is probably the most important thing to consider. As a rule of thumb, bigger sized Bluetooth devices equal bigger speakers. This isn’t always the case though as arrangement also plays a big part in audio quality.

Lower end speakers will have a single speaker that give low-watt mono sound. The nicer ones will have two speakers that deliver the low end and then the high end noises for better clarity. Your top end Bluetooth speakers will have full 2.1 channel sound with a subwoofer to manage the low end bass sounds.

If you are just using the speaker for yourself then quality probably isn’t a main concern. If you want the speaker to be heard over high ambient noise or a group of people at a party then you will have to get something with higher quality speakers.


All portable electronics need power. It’s not as simple as looking at the mAh rating of the battery when trying to determine how long the device will last. There are two factors to consider here and these are the power usage to the battery size and if it has battery sharing abilities. If your device battery demands are small and so is the battery then it’s not an issue. If the usage is high and the battery is small then there’s a problem. Try and find devices that have a good battery to power usage ratio.

Battery sharing is when your Bluetooth speaker has a USB port that can be plugged into other devices and the power can be shared much like modern cellphones and tablets. This also allows you to plug it into a battery pack or powerbank for an extended usage life.



As this is a portable device, the odds of it coming into contact with some physical forces is quite high. Just think about how many times your cellphone has dropped or been damaged from use.

It’s a very good idea to have a look at how rugged the design of a device is before buying it. Don’t take the word of the suppliers as proof, have a look at it yourself before deciding on which Bluetooth speakers for sale to buy.

Inputs and auxiliary

A wireless loudspeaker is by nature a cable-less device. There are however times when you want to use some headphones or if your Bluetooth connection isn’t working for some reason, it’s nice to have a cable to fall back on.

Another nice feature is an audio jack so if you need some extra sounds, you can plug additional speakers into the device.

The 5 best Bluetooth speakers in South Africa

We hope that we have helped you learn more about that to look out for in a good quality Bluetooth speaker.

UE Roll

This Bluetooth speaker is very compact and is a great size. The UE Roll is one hundred percent waterproof. There’s a decent battery life with this unit and an integrated bungee cord and life jacket. That’s right, the UE Roll has been designed to float on water.


Image Source: CNet Website.

UE Roll Specifications

Dimensions (W x H)135 mm x 40 mm
Weight330 grams
Drivers1 x 2 inch with 2 x ¾ tweeters
Battery Life9 Hours
Mobile Range20 Metres
PriceR 2 500.00

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

The sound in the SoundLink is of very high quality. Bose has made use of a new signal processing algorithm and improved electronics so the sound is louder and clearer than ever. The battery life is also very good and you have auxiliary inputs. You can swop out the protective cover and replace it with different colours.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III Specifications

Dimensions (W x H)256 mm x 131.5 mm
Weight1 74 grams
Drivers2 x Full Range Speakers
Battery Life14 Hours
Mobile Range9 Metres
PriceR 6 300.00

Sony SRS-X5

This simple but classy looking wireless speaker has some great sound and very powerful bass. There is a USB charging port so you can charge other devices off of this and you have a built-in speakerphone. There’s NFC tap-to-pair functionality for easy syncing and it has eight hours of battery life.


Image Source: Sony Website.

One drawback here is that the speaker isn’t rugged what so ever. If you are going to use this indoors or in places that it don’t be damaged, this doesn’t really matter.

Sony SRS-X5 Specifications

Dimensions (W x H)221 mm x 118 mm
Weight1 200 grams
Divers2.1 Channel Speaker System
Battery Life8 Hours
Mobile Range10 Metres
PriceR 2 499.00

JBL Pulse 2

JBL has a very wide range of great wireless speakers but the Pulse 2 are the best portable speakers they sell. This compact and splash proof Bluetooth speaker gives very good sound for its size and has a very attractive light show feature that displays when there is sound played through the speaker. This speaker has ten hours of battery life if you turn off the light show and five hours with it enabled.

JBL Pulse 2 Specifications

Dimensions (W x H)196 mm x 84 mm
Weight775 grams
Drivers2.1 Channel Speaker System
Battery Life10 Hours
Mobile RangeNot Provided
PriceR 3 649.00

UE Boom 2

This speaker has some of the best sound that you will find for its size. It’s compact and incredibly durable. The Boom 2 is stain resultant, fully waterproof and shock resistant. The battery will last for a whopping 15 hours and you can pair it with any other UE speaker to create stereo sound.

UE Boom 2 Specifications

Dimensions (W x H)196 mm x 84 mm
Weight775 grams
Drivers2.1 Channel Speaker System
Battery Life10 Hours
Mobile Range33 Metres
PriceR 5 000.00

To find the right sound system, you will first need to evaluate your needs and then make your decision based on that. If you are trying to find Bluetooth speakers for sale then Junk Mail offers a large number of wireless speakers for sale online. Selling your speakers? Place your free ad on now!

Bluetooth Speakers: Creating music on-the-go
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Bluetooth Speakers: Creating music on-the-go
When it comes to sound, Bluetooth speakers reign supreme over the other wireless sound devices. Today, we look at the best Bluetooth speakers in SA.
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