Turn your unused bookshelf into a functional piece of furniture

Do you have a bookshelf and not enough books to fill it yet? From transforming it into a storage unit to using it as a display area for photos, there are plenty of awesome design ideas to inspire you.

Here are seven alternative interior design ideas for your bookshelf. You can find bookshelves for sale on Junk Mail.

1. Open-face closet/cabinet

Whether you shop for a bookshelf online or already own this piece of home furniture, you can benefit from using it as a storage cabinet. In small apartments that don’t offer much closet space, using a bookcase to stores clothes and socks is particularly useful. The design of bookshelves makes them well-suited for use as a closet organiser. Another option is to place a small bookshelf near your front door as a storage area for shoes. Getting creative with your bookshelves adds a unique touch to your home décor.

bookshelves for sale shoe

2. Turn it into media centre

Turn your bookshelf on its side to create a handy media centre. This is an excellent option if you need a place to store your DVD player, PlayStation, and any other entertainment devices. You can secure a piece of wood onto the back of the bookshelf for extra support.

3. Storage space for children’s toys

Is your children’s room a mess? It’s easier to keep everything tidy when there is enough storage space. You can use a bookshelf to store children’s books as well as their toys. If you turn the bookshelf on its side, it will be low enough for your children to put away their own toys. The shelves also make organisation more convenient.

4. Room divider

Another reason to find bookshelves for sale is to use them as a room divider. Big bookshelves can be used to create cosy areas in open-plan rooms, and you can make the bookshelf more aesthetically appealing by decorating it with ornaments and vases. This type of home furniture can be moved easily if necessary so it also allows you to change the shape of your room for different occasions. You can use a bookshelf to divide the space in your basement or attic. When you’re filling your bookshelf, make sure that you choose items that match your home décor.

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5. Display area for memorabilia

Personalise your design ideas by using photographs to decorate your bookshelf. A bookshelf is a great place to show off photographs of friends and family as well as other precious memories. You may also want to display additional memorabilia in this area. You can try adding your children’s art and school trophies.

6. Seating

If you’re having a party and you don’t have enough seats, it’s easy to resolve this dilemma by using a bookshelf. You just need to turn the bookshelf onto its side and you’ll have a bench, just make sure that it’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of a person. Next, place felt pads underneath it to avoid damaging your floor and place cushions on top of it for extra comfort.

7. Store tools

Find a bookshelf online and use it to keep your tools organised in the garage. Well-organised tools are easier to find when you need them or in case of an emergency. When your tools are easy to access, it also helps you to keep them well maintained.

storage bookshelf shelf chair

With so many awesome interior design ideas available online, it’s easy to transform your empty bookshelf into a functional piece of furniture. If you are working with an old bookshelf, you can give it a makeover before using it as furniture. Start by using sandpaper to take off old paint. It’s important to remove any varnish that’s on the bookshelf. Next you’ll need to choose the paint colour and painting techniques that best match your home décor. Once you’ve decided, paint the bookshelf and add stencil art if you’re feeling creative.

Now that you know more about the variety of uses for this home furniture, you can find bookshelves for sale online.

Turn your unused bookshelf into a functional piece of furniture | Junk Mail Blog
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Turn your unused bookshelf into a functional piece of furniture | Junk Mail Blog
Do you have a bookshelf and not enough books to fill it yet? Transform it into a storage unit or display area for photos. Find bookshelves for sale.
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