BraaiBoy to Attempt Guinness World Record This Weekend

BraaiBoy (Gareth Daniell) is an exceptional individual – he will be attempting a Guinness World Record this coming weekend in Centurion. In case you did not know, this man really loves to braai.

Let’s face it folks, South Africa is a great country with amazing people. One of the reasons that South Africa is a great country is the fact South Africans love to braai. The Braai concept has been cemented into our collective South African psyche. Braai-ing is for everyone in South Africa. It’s not limited to any cultural or ethnic groups – everyone does it in South Africa. BraaiBoy is definitely taking braai-ing to the next level.

So, you’re probably wondering why BraaiBoy is such an exceptional individual? Well, it’s because he has been braai-ing every single day for the last three years. It all started on the 17th of April 2009. BraaiBoy has been braai-ing at least every single day since then. He even admits to braai-ing more than once a day when he’s on holiday. Quite a legend if you ask me. The whole braai thing started out as a bold claim by BraaiBoy which was was followed by a dare from one of this friends to braai every day for a year.

Ask BraaiBoy why he is still braaing every day his reply will be something like “I’m not sure myself, other than it’s the perfect excuse to braai. But it’s become quite fun now and I plan to share the joy of braaing with everyone else.”

There is currently no world record for number of continuous braaing days, and the powers that be at Guinness World Records are also not willing to create one specifically for braaing. There is however a world record for the “longest time to continuously cook food items on a barbecue”.

BraaiBoy will take on a long braai marathon at Supersport Park in Centurion this weekend. A successful attempt will see the current Guinness World Record (which is currently standing at an impressive 32 hours) for the longest continuous braai being shattered.

With the support of supermarket group Spar and leaders in the supply of spices, Deli Spices, BraaiBoy believes he has the fire and determination to smash the existing record. The record attempt starts at 08h00 on the 23rd August and is scheduled to end 60 hours later on the 25th August.

Imagine braaing every single day for more than 3 years, come rain or shine! Imagine travelling through Africa where the closest thing to something edible looks like bush meat that’s been hit by a truck, and not only throw it on the braai, but eat it to survive!

Yes folks, BraaiBoy has done all of this and more. If you ask me, a couple days behind the braai should be child’s play for this South African Braai Superhero.

The event is open to the public and BraaiBoy would appreciate all the support he can get. Friends, fans and curious onlookers are encouraged to pop in to say “Hi” at any time of the day (or night).

The Guinness World Records association has very strict guidelines that have to be adhered to ensuring the evidence proves the attempt’s success.  Some of the Guidelines are:

  • There must be at least 5 different food items on the braai at any one time
  • No reheating is allowed
  • All food items must be cooked from raw on the barbecue / braai
  • All items must be consumed after cooking.
  • The attempt starts as soon as the first food item is put on to the barbecue.
  • Lighting and heating time of the barbecue prior to cooking will not be counted towards the total.
  • The number and weight of each cooked item must be submitted with the evidence.
  • Only standard barbecue food items may be cooked. Steaks, wors, chicken, chops (even vegetables) qualify.
  • Only standard commercially available barbecues available to the general public may be used for the attempt. No industrial scale or restaurant grills will be considered.
  • A Guinness World Record Judge will be flown to South Africa to oversee and officially recognize the record.

For those that would like to attend but are not able to you can follow the braai action via these following channels on social media:

  • YouTube: Regular video snippets will be uploaded as the event progresses.
  • @Braaiboy on Twitter: The happenings at the event will be live tweeted by BraaiBoy himself. You can also follow the hashtag #BraaiBoyGWR for commentary.
  • Facebook: Regular updates and picture albums will be uploaded on  BraaiBoy’s fan page.

And there will even be a couple of live “Google Hangouts” scheduled where up to 9 people at a time will have a chance to chat to BraaiBoy in real-time, keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for details about this.

I would like to take this time to wish BraaiBoy all the best with his world record attempt on behalf of the Junk Mail team.  Watch this space for regular updates in the Events category on the Junk Mail blog.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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  1. Jannie says:

    Theres goanna be a new attempt from a guy in Graskop

  2. braaimaster's daughter says:

    And probably in Gordon’s Bay too… Not only this but much more as well 🙂

  3. braaimaster's daughter says:

    Sorry I mean: not this exact thing but other amazing stuff :);)

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