Brace Yourself for Oblivion in April 2013

Great news for fans of Science Fiction films! There’s a string of awesome looking Sci-fi films coming out later this year that may just blow you away and Oblivion is one of them. The film is scheduled for release on the 19th of April 2013 in South Africa (according to the Nu Metro website).

Oblivion will feature appearances by Tom Cruise (who needs no introduction), Morgan Freeman, Ukranian born actress Olga Kurylenko, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Melissa Leo, New Zealand actress Zoe Bell (who was also Lucy Lawless’ stunt double one Xena: The Warrior Princess), Andrea Riseborough and others.

Oblivion 2013

In the film, a court martial sends a veteran soldier (Tom Cruise) to a distant planet. His punishment is that he has to destroy the remains of an alien race. He’s part of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war. The arrival of an unexpected traveler causes him to question what he knows about the planet, his mission and himself.

Oblivion has an estimated budget of $120 million. The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski (who also directed the 2010 film TRON: Legacy). Kosinski also co-wrote the screenplay for the movie. Oblivion is actually based on a Radical Comics Graphic Novel that was also co-written by Kosinski. According to him the film “pays homage to science fiction films of the 1970’s. It also combines alien invasion, politics and outer space to create a unique futuristic environment.”

All this sounds pretty interesting. I’m very curious to see how this film will turn out to be. The Oblivion Trailer looks pretty awesome. Check it out below and you’ll see what I mean

What do you think of Oblivion? Do you give this film a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.

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