Brace yourself for the end of the world!

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As you all know this coming weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year. Not only is Christmas approaching us at a rapid pace, but it is also the so called end of the world or better known as the end times!

We at Junk Mail feel that it is of best interest that we should help you brace yourself for the end of the world. That being said, I have compiled a list of things that you need to stock up on, should you survive the Armageddon.

stock-photo-69165-armadillo-hatEveryone needs a good hat
Armadillos are animals with a hard, leathery armour shell. This is the number one necessity to brace yourself for the end of the world (you know, with everything coming down on us and so forth). Why this is so suitable is that armadillo in fact means “little armoured one” in Spanish. Since this animal is so scarce, we took some extra measures to get hold of these so called “hard hats”. With just one click you can find your armadillo hat right here on Junk Mail. Hurry up; there is only a limited amount.

What time is it Mr Wolf?
Not that a watch is the ultimate necessity seeing as you won’t need a sense of time (since everything ends and you won’t be late for anything) but it is good to know how long you have been on your own, surviving in the wild. Polar watches are just the thing you need. Not only does it provide you with the date and time, but you can track your heart rate should you be fleeing someone (or something). Luckily Junk Mail is loaded with Polar watches so head on over there and start counting those calories.

gadget_2What would MacGyver do?
All die hard MacGyver fans know about his legendary knife. A knife that can kick-start a Boeing on a rainy day, can cut through sheets of reinforced steel, and even start your campfire. Yes, every little guys dream knife. I came across the perfect Swiss army knife on the site, still in the MacGyver packaging! This surely is a must have if you want to survive the end of the world.

Are we there yet?
A while ago we did a blog post about Zombie bustin cars on Automart and how to prepare you for the Zombie apocalypse. But still, what will your ultimate getaway car be? We came across probably the best post-apocalyptic cars ever. Sadly it has been sold out, but you can be sure to check out the motoring section on Junk Mail, you might just find your dream getaway vehicle.


There you have it. A couple of things you really need to survive the end of the world this coming weekend. Should this all be one big hoax (which are my bet exactly), you will have the perfect Christmas gifts. In a sense, you don’t lose out when buying this equipment.

Would you suggest anything else? Drop me a comment and let me know what measure you will take to beat the end of the world. And remember, help your friends prepare by sharing this post and spreading the word, they might need gifts too.

To get you even more hyped up, here is a song by REM titled The End of The World:

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