Brooklyn Knife Show: The event where blade smiths and enthusiasts come together

If you love all things sharp and want to come and see, or buy, the best that South Africa has to offer then you better head on down to the 2015 Brooklyn Knife Show. There will be a multitude of professionally hand crafted swords, axes and knives for sale. There will also be many other tools for sale like grinders and sharpening kits so make sure you get to the Brooklyn Mall in late November to see it all.


Image via Brooklyn Knife Show

The Brooklyn Knife Show is the biggest and most prestigious event of its kind in South Africa. It’s the best place for knife collectors, buyers, sellers and blade enthusiasts of all kinds to sample and buy or sell some of the finest handmade weaponry on the planet. Custom knife makers, blade smiths and just about anyone who loves swords, knives or axes are welcome to participate.


Image via Brooklyn Knife Show

The event is held over three days, from the 27th of November till the 29th of November 2015, at the Queenspark Atrium in Brooklyn Pretoria.

The knives, axes and swords for sale come in all shapes and sizes and were made from a varying degree of materials. Come and enjoy the beauty of folded steel blades which gives an onlooker the appearance of a fingerprint-like pattern on the blades themselves. You will be able to see items that have been made with unique materials such as whale or giraffe bone, antler, resin, many different types of wood and stone that are often used in the handles of the handmade blades on offer.

Details on the Brooklyn Knife Show

  • Venue: Queenspark Atrium, Brooklyn Mall, Brooklyn, Pretoria
  • Friday the 27th of November – 9:00AM – 18:00PM
  • Saturday the 28th of November – 9:00AM – 18:00PM
  • Sunday the 29th of November – 9:00AM – 14:00PM

If you have any enquiries then you can contact Neels van den Berg 083-451-3105.

Some exhibitors at the show

These are just a few of the amazing craftsmen that will exhibiting their wares at this year’s show.


Neels van den Berg

Neels is the event organizer for the Brooklyn Knife Show and a full-time Blade Smith and Knife Maker. He sees knife making more as a passion than a hobby and started his trade professionally on 2007. He concentrates more on functionality than aesthetics but don’t think that his creations are boring, they are beautiful and practical at the same time. He owns and runs the Black Dragon Forge in Pretoria.

Arno Bernard

Arno and his family are a family of knife makers who are carrying on their family’s tradition. Their bladesmith workshop is located outside of Bethlehem and they aim to make functional, high quality, blades with an artistic flair that are distinctly African.

Stuart Smith

Stuart is a full time professional blade smith and a member of the Southern African Knife Makers Guild. He is also the current Chairman of SABA which is the Southern African Blade Smiths Association. Stuart has been forging knives since 2004 and specialises in Scandinavian style knives and weaponry. He has coined his very own forging method which he calls “Organic Knife making”. This is where Stuart allows the free flow of the steel to take shape on its own instead of forcing the piece of steel into a specific shape.


Image via Brooklyn Knife Show

So that’s all the low down on the 2015 Brooklyn Knife Show. If you can’t make it to the show and you are looking for swords or knives for sale then you should give Junk Mail a try. There are plenty of swords and tools for sale like knife grinders and anvils for forging your own. If you have knives, tools, grinders or swords for sale, then feel free to place a FREE advert by visiting today.

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