Bulk Repeat – Premium Traders

The Bulk Repeat function on the Premium Accounts enable users to either repeat all ads by clicking two buttons or you can select only the ads that you want to repeat. The system will then repeat all the selected ads that have not been repeated in the last 24-hour cycle. It will also notify you of the number of ads repeated.

This is how you do it:

1.  Go to the My Ads tab in your Account:

My Ads

2.  Select all the ads that you would like to repeat:

Bulk Repeat

3. Or, click on Repeat All Ads:

Bulk Repeat

4.  Click on the blue Repeat button. 

The system will tell you have many ads you have repeated. If some of your ads were not eligible to repeat (ads that have already been repeated within a 24-hour period) it will ignore those and only repeat the ads that are eligible.

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