Bustin’ Chops Premiere

Last year some time I wrote an article about our local South African stuntmen and that they are going to produce their very own movie called Bustin’ Chops. Well, these guys have done it. They have exceeded their own expectations by following their dreams.

Three years ago they said that they want to be on the silver screens and that is what they have done!

bustin chops

Last week a friend of mine and I went to the premier not knowing what to expect, plus he is a little bit socially awkward at times which is actually perfect. But I think both of us were stunned. Bustin’ Chops really lived up and even exceeded the expectations that I had. I was always a big fan of Mullets and Af (you know, that kind of TV where you don’t really have to focus) and this was just an extended version of that.

I like the fact that they tried to focus on the different movie genres like Romance, Horror, Action, and of course a classic Musical (featuring Gé Korsten’s Liefling) but also realized that what they did before was working so they also want to stick to that. Keep it simple and stick to the basics.

Some might see this as a complete copy from the American TV show Jackass, but if that is what inspired these young men to achieve their dreams, then who cares? I support them, for not only are they my friends but they are also an inspiration to other up and coming movie productions/producers who’s dreams are to be on the silver screen one day.

Bustin’ Chops, take a bow! It was a great evening and very well organized.

Make sure you catch them on the circuits starting this week Friday at Nu Metro! Make your booking and go support these guys for a good laugh.

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