Bustin Chops The Movie

Following two successful television series called Af (60 episodes) and Mullets (13 episodes) that was screened on what was then MK89, and later just MK on DSTV; the crew decided to make their long awaited big movie.

From the craziest South African stuntmen kom die malste fliek in ons geskiedenis: Bustin Chops.

Five years after local stuntman, Eugene Koekemoer and his fellow stuntmen left the spotlight and starting working normal nine to five daily routine jobs, Eugene starts formulating a plan. His plan is to make the biggest stunt movie known and to show it to Steven Spielberg when he comes to South Africa. With this he aims to put the crew on the road to fame again.

Bustin Chops stars Eugene Koekemoer, Jonathan Pienaar, Don Cobra, Wikus Nienaber, Louis Koekemoer, Jaco Jordaan and Paul de Beer. The film was very well received and due for cinema release with Nu Metro in the first quarter of 2013.

What clearly looks like a Jackass inspired film (which I am quite a fan of) Bustin Chops leave you cringing and watery eyed. Bustin Chops feature some local hangouts in the Pretoria region as well as music from the supergroup ekhouvanjou,okay!

Here is the official movie trailer:

What do you think? Will you go and watch Bustin Chops and see our very own South African stuntmen put their bodies on the line?

Be sure to have a look at their Facebook page and give them a follow on twitter. Also pay a visit to their website to see what else these guys are up to and some funny quotes and quirks from the cast and crew.

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5 Responses

  1. Ivan says:

    Haha looks awesome!! South Africans is just different. Can’t wait.

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Yeah I can hardly wait for it! Remember those days glued to the tv while showing on MK? Was the best!

  2. Ivan says:

    I did not know of this tv show.Really impressed!Local movies is looking more and more like hollywood productions.

  3. Dewald says:

    Haha Koekemoer is terug! Lyk baie beter as die ou goed.

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