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Are you looking for a bar fridge for sale but not yet convinced of the benefits? Today, we take a closer look at the benefits of a bar fridge, some of the popular brands in South Africa  and how you can save on bar fridge prices by finding stunning deals on Junk Mail.


The many benefits of a bar fridge

A nifty home appliance to own, these fridges are designed to be super functional in a number of settings. Essentially a small fridge, bar fridges can be used in everything from your home bar to your family room.

Other places where these fridges work beautifully include the office, the stoep and an outdoor entertainment area.

Because these fridges are so small in size – and with so many size options available – they are great for fitting into smaller spaces – from a small space under a counter top to a dorm room. Easy to move around, these fridges are practical and perfect for storing beverages, be it in the television room when a big game is on, or as a permanent fixture in your home bar.

While not very big, some of these fridges also come with a small freezer, making it conveniently perfect for making ice or even storing a pre-bought bag of ice.


Remember that, if you are a wine lover, you can also opt for a mini bar fridge perfect for storing and chilling your wine.

A bar fridge is also great if you are a little short on space. Taking up a lot less space than a full sized fridge, you can even opt for a smaller model that fits under a counter (or even on top of the counter), beautifully functional and out of the way.

Generally not that an expensive household appliance, another awesome benefit of this fridge type includes that fact that it works perfectly as a second fridge, giving you enough needed space to free up some extra room in your main refrigerator.

Choosing a funky design is also easy. With so many different brands and design options available in South Africa, you are sure to find a look that matches your décor.


Popular bar fridge brands in South Africa

Finding a quality bar fridge for sale is definitely not difficult because we have so many top brands to choose from.

Bar Fridges from Kelvinator

Kelvinator has been in South Africa since 1945, but has its roots way back in 1914 when a young inventor started working on a refrigeration system. With so many years behind its name, it is easy to see why this brand is such a popular one.

If you are in the market for something to keep those drinks icy cold, the Beverage Cooler (KI150BCBM) from Kelvinator is a great option. With a stylish black finish and an anti-bacterial door seal, this 150 litre beauty has a glass door, chrome shelves and a light on the inside.


Another stunning option available from Kelvinator is specially designed for the wine lovers out there. Able to hold up to eight wine bottles, this mini bar fridge – KI08TWCB – does not only have a dual pane glass door, but a digital display and a temperature range of between 8˚C and 18˚C.


Looking for a more straight-forward, functional solution? The Single Door Silver Fridge (KI130SDHS) is a great home appliance available from Kelvinator. With a gross capacity of 120 litres, this fridge has glass shelves, a small ice compartment, an anti-bacterial door seal and an A+ Energy Rating. Able to hold an estimated 50 cans coupled with three two litre bottles, this fridge is truly a functional choice fit for any family home.



There is no question that Smeg manufactures appliances that are truly beautiful. We especially love those bar fridges with the spunky fifties look.

With a NET capacity of 101 litres, this small fridge features two adjustable glass shelves along with a fixed shelf, a freezer and automatic defrost. Available in a number of fun colours and boasting everything from an egg tray and vegetable drawer, these fridges are also great options for students and small households.


Note however that these bar fridge prices are a little high, with a price tag of R 13 000 at home appliance stores such as Dion Wired.

Another option from Smeg are these nifty bar fridges. With a NET volume of 105 litres, these appliances boast two shelves, a small freezer (with a NET volume of 21 litres), and automatic defrosting. This fridge even comes with an adjustable bottle and dairy balcony.

A Fridge from AEG

A well-known brand in South Africa, AEG also manufacturers quality refrigerators, including the S71700TSX0. With an A++ energy efficiency class, this fridge has a NET capacity of 152 litres and a depth of 635 millimetres, it is finished with a silver colour and fitted with a stainless steel door (with anti-fingerprint). These bar fridge prices range from around R 6 751.



Also offering a great option for the bar, the 100L Bar Fridge features a 12 litre freezer, an integrated handle and a direct cooling system. With a price tag of around R 1 800 at stores such as Dion Wired, this mini bar fridge has an A Energy rating and, for your convenience, a reversible door.



An instantly recognisable brand, Defy also offers a great option if you are looking for a bar fridge for sale. The B125 Metallic has a NET capacity of 93 litres and a NET freezer capacity of 10 litres. Standing 850 millimetres high, this fridge features a variable thermostat, an automatic defrost and a sealed crisper.

A Telefunken Bar Fridge

With a mechanical temperature control and a magnetic door seal, the 130 litre fridge from Telefunken also features adjustable feet, a glass shelf and a drawer fitted with a glass cover. This refrigerator is also 100% HFC free. White in colour these bar fridge prices are usually around R 2 400 at sellers like Yuppie Chef.


Also from Telefunken, the 70 litre fridge features an automatic defrost, an internal fan circulating the air, a magnetic door seal and an adjustable thermostat. With a low noise level and low vibration, this fridge is priced at around R 2 000 at online stores like Yuppie Chef.

Find a stunning bar fridge for sale on Junk Mail

Ready to start looking for fabulous deals on a bar fridge for sale on Junk Mail? With so many reputable brands and designs to choose from on Junk Mail, you are sure to find the perfect small refrigerator for your home.

  • Black and Silver Fridge for the bar

An AIM branded fridge, this versatile home appliance is still in a good, working condition. With a price tag of R 1 300, this refrigerator is for sale in Chatsworth, KwaZulu-Natal.

  • Bar-Fridge-for-saleHisense

This Hisense branded fridge has a price tag of only R 900. White in colour, this home appliance has a freezer capacity of 12 litres, a reversible door and a Gross Capacity of 100 litres. Other features include removable door seals and a reversible door.


  • A fridge for the bar from Kelvinator

For sale in Klerksdorp, this appliance is priced at R 1 100 and features a temperature adjustment dial (with five settings). Originally purchased for R 1 900, this refrigerator’s owner has finished studying and is moving on to bigger things.


  • Defy Bar Fridges

Priced at R850, this Defy fridge is still in a good, working condition and is for sale in Durban.


For sale in Johannesburg, this Defy has a 90 litre capacity. Priced at R 1 380 this bar fridge also features a small freezer.


Under Counter Bar Fridges

If you are looking for something a little bit more industrial, Junk Mail’s collection of under counter bar fridges is a great place to start. Great for businesses, these fridges are perfect if you are looking to upgrade your entertainment area into an unforgettable spot.

  • 610 Litre Fridge

This under counter bar fridge is priced at R 7 000 and, while still in a good condition, the cooling unit is need of a service.


  • 3 ½ Under Counter Fridge

Priced at R 8 000, this fridge is in good working condition and for sale in Boksburg.


  • Under Counter Fridge

In an excellent working condition, this silver fridge is priced at R 7 800 and is for sale in Delmas.


Ready to find a bar fridge for sale that will meet all your requirements? Browse through Junk Mail’s collection of bar fridges and find one that suits your style and bar fridge prices that suit your pocket. Selling your bar fridge? Place your free ad on now!


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