An easy guide to buying a generator for your home

Has load shedding got you feeling down? Invest in a generator so that you can continue with your daily routine, even with power outages. When looking at buying a generator for your home, you’ll need to consider your budget as well as your power requirements before making your decision. Browse Junk Mail to find a wide range of generators for sale today.

Generators For Sale On Junk Mail

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What to check before buying a generator for your home:

1. Determine your requirements

Decide what you’ll be using your generator for. The devices you choose to power will have a big impact on the kind of generator you buy. Sensitive electronics need an inverter generator, which offers a good quality AC current, so that they are protected from damage.

It’s important to make a list of the devices you plan to power so you can determine the capacity necessary to run them. Remember, overloading can damage your generator and your appliances.

Computers, televisions, decoders, and home appliances are just some of the devices people choose to power using their generator. When you’re making your calculations, you’ll need to consider that most appliances require extra power when they start up. Your generator will need enough spare capacity to cope with this initial surge.

2. Do you have a suitable location for the generator?

It is recommended that your generator is located outside or in a vented area, not inside your house. Your generator needs a lot of air to operate, therefore, it needs to be in a well-ventilated area.

3. Consider the type of fuel

The type of fuel your generator uses will have an impact on its running costs. Although more fuel-efficient, diesel generators are heavier than petrol generators due to the fact that they need extra reinforcement. Diesel generators also make more noise. In terms of maintenance, petrol generators need to be serviced more often than diesel generators. Diesel also stores better, as petrol is more likely to evaporate.

4. Consider the following features before buying a generator

  • Electric start
  • Wheels
  • Fuel gauge
  • Manual fuel-shutoff switch
  • Low-oil shutoff switch and indicator
  • Inverter technology
  • Voltage control
  • Safety features
  • Fuel tank size
Generators For Sale On Junk Mail

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Typical generator sizes:

  • Small (Portable): 3 – 4kW

Can power basic items such as lights, TV, refrigerator, etc. Please note that running some of these items together might put too much strain on the generator, so it’s advised to do a proper calculation of the power requirements.

  • Medium (Portable): 5 – 8kW

Medium generators can power the same as small generators, and more, such as computers, heating systems, pumps, more lights, etc. Although medium-sized generators can handle more than small generators, it’s also advisable to calculate the power requirements before the time and not to put too much load on the generator.

  • Large (Portable): 10kW

Can power an average-sized geyser, some home appliances, lights, pumps, etc. Even though this sized generator is stronger, you shouldn’t overload the system by trying to run all of these items together.

  • Large (Stationary): 10 – 15kW

Can power the same as the large portable generator, but it can also run clothes dryers. These generators can run more items at a time, but some items would still not be able to run together, so schedule the use of these items wisely.

Generators For Sale On Junk Mail

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Generator maintenance tips:

  • Invest in a cover or enclosure for your generator
  • Use heavy-duty cords when operating your generator
  • Don’t let your generator stand for too long without working. Start it regularly and let it run for about 15 – 30 min.
  • Regularly service the generator by changing filters, plugs, and oil
  • Always turn your generator off when refuelling
  • Don’t let it run out of fuel. Keep it topped up.
  • Take out old fuel and don’t let it run with dirty fuel
  • Keep it clean
  • Store it properly
Generators For Sale On Junk Mail

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Very Important Tips:

  1. Please keep candles and matches as far away from the generator as possible.
  2. Please keep children away from generators.

Generators make a functional addition to any home. If you want to keep your devices and household items running when the power goes out, visit Junk Mail today for a wide range of portable generators for sale.

An easy guide to buying a generator for your home
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An easy guide to buying a generator for your home
Has load shedding got you feeling down? Invest in a generator so that you can continue with your daily routine, even with power outages.
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