What to look for when buying your dream home

You are ready to take the big leap; buying a house. Buying your dream home or property is a HUGE step, so it’s better to make sure you are not being done in. So, whether you are a first time buyer, or even a seasoned professional, read our list of suggestions on what to look out for to make buying your dream home a little more of a smooth ride.sold on Junk Mail

The most important aspect is affordability. Before doing anything else, determine what the amount is you can put down as a deposit on your home loan.  You will then need to work out what monthly home loan repayments you will be able to afford. Remember to take unforeseen expenses into account (you will need a little left every month for these, just for in case). Also keep in mind the conveyance fees and / or transfer duties applicable when buying a property; unless the property is bought off plan from a developer.

Location is always a very important factor when buying a property. Some experts go as far as to say quality and quantity requirements can be downscaled in favour of the location of the property. Once you have identified the location you want to buy in, do some fact checking about the Security in the area. Keep an eye out for Facilities such as schools, libraries, shopping centres that will result in you not having to travel too far for the basics.

As soon as you know where and how you are going to buy a property, finding the right one follows. The traditional method is to register your details and needs with as many Estate Agents in the area you want to buy into. The Agents will do the searching, comparing and short listing on your behalf if they are diligent and patient. However, many home sellers prefer to sell their property privately to save costs for both the buyer and seller. Private sellers list their property on www.junkmail.co.za. Here they can include all the features of the property, the price and many photos of the interior and exterior of the house.

Remember to look out for these when viewing a property for sale:

  • Water damage; this can be noted by cracking or bubbling paint on walls or ceilings
  • Structural issues; cracks in the walls could indicate structural damage
  • Approved plans for property if any additions had been made to the building

If you are at all unsure about a property, ask an expert to view the issues you might have with you. You can find any of those required services on Junk Mail too!

Have you been duped or saved by the bell when buying a property? Tell us all about it!

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