Call of Duty Ghosts: Some gaming fun

Winter is creeping in and some days are just too cold to even poke your nose out the door. Luckily we live in the technological age and there are loads of ways to entertain yourself indoors. Gaming is one of the is one of the ways you can entertain yourself indoors. The days of gaming being something that is solely for children. With war shooters like Call of Duty there is definitely games that cater for adults too.

Call of Duty Ghosts

The newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise is Call of Duty Ghosts. Set in the near future, this seems to take place after some sort of nuclear war took place. One thing that the Call of Duty games do very well is to immerse you in the game, it makes you feel like you are the hero in your own action movie. Here is the trailer for the new Call of Duty. Do we have any gaming fans out there?

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