CapeAds – still local but bigger and better


CapeAds Online has been united with Junk Mail Online – opening up CapeAds users to triple the number of unique buyers and sellers, from across the country.

This move comes on the back of Junk Mail Publishing Group’s gutsy overhaul of its online business model, which saw the Group dump subscription fees, allow unlimited access to all adverts on and, and make the placing of trade adverts online absolutely free from April 2009. The company also overhauled its internal mechanisms so that all adverts (placed via online, mobile, SMS or the call centre) appear on the websites immediately after being placed

“CapeAds’ approach is still very much local is ‘lekker’, but by unifying CapeAds Online with Junk Mail on one portal, we can offer our online users from the Western Cape much more,” says Felix Erken, Junk Mail Publishing Group’s Managing Director.

CapeAds Online users will now find themselves logged onto Junk Mail Online when logging onto On this unified, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate platform, CapeAds users are exposed to local content from the Western Cape as well as Junk Mail’s national content. They no longer have to navigate between websites to view content from elsewhere in the country. On average, Junk Mail Online features 50 000 fresh, new adverts per week. CapeAds Online does an average of 13 000 adverts per week.

For users, including private buyers and sellers and traders, this move makes it easier and more convenient to interact and trade with a wider, national audience. For Junk Mail Publishing Group, unifying its Junk Mail Online and CapeAds Online offerings means that it can offer an integrated, national online classifieds service to its customers.

“The CapeAds business model works, the publication has an excellent reputation in the marketplace and the Western Cape community has a strong affiliation and affinity with the brand.

“The online offering now not only meets the demand of the burgeoning number of consumers in the Western Cape who prefer to shop and sell online; but offers them access to triple the number of unique users and a truly national online classifieds,” explains Erken.

Since the Group launched its bold free-to-view version in April the number of unique users visiting has catapulted to 180 000 per week and unique users on has rocketed to 80 000 per week.

“We believe that both Junk Mail Online and CapeAds Online will benefit from each other’s momentum,” says Erken.

He concludes saying that Junk Mail Publishing Group’s vision is to turn Junk Mail Online into the country’s biggest online classifieds powerhouse.


Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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