Everything you need to know about your car’s suspension

Is your ride getting rough or difficult to control? It’s probably time to take a look at your suspension system. This system plays an important role in the function of your vehicle, so it pays to take care of it properly. If you need to repair your vehicle, you can find suspension parts and service centres on Junk Mail.

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What is the function of your car’s suspension?

Did you enjoy a comfy ride to the office this morning? You can thank your car’s suspension. The suspension system improves the ride quality and stability your vehicle offers. Bumps in the road are absorbed and handling corners are safer because of this component. It also offers you improved security when you slow down or speed up. Clearly, the suspension is vital for both performance and safety. For this reason, you need to keep this system in good shape. Check your suspension regularly and carry out repairs timeously.

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Different parts that make up your car’s suspension system:

  • Frame
  • Steering
  • Tyres
  • Wheels
  • Anti-roll bar
  • Springs and dampers
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How does your car’s suspension work?

The different components that make up your suspension system work together to offer you stability when you’re travelling on the road. Most vehicles have a coil spring fitted on each wheel, and when faced with uneven ground, the springs shorten and lengthen to absorb movement. The dampers remove residual motion from the spring, which takes the bounce out of your ride. The anti-roll bar ensures that the sides of your vehicle stay at the same height when you travel over uneven roads. It also reduces the sideways movement of your car on tight corners.

How Your Car's Suspension System Work | Junk Mail

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When does your car’s suspension need to be repaired

Everyday wear and tear or damage to your suspension system result in the need for parts to be repaired. A suspension system that’s not working properly can have a negative impact on your stopping distance, which puts you at risk. Not sure if your suspension needs to be repaired? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • A rough car ride

If there’s an extra bounce in your ride, it’s advisable to check out your suspension system. A damaged suspension can result in a reduction in ride quality.

  • Lack of control

Maintaining control over your vehicle is essential for your safety. If your car is difficult to steer, have the suspension checked out. A reduction of control at low speeds, in particular, is a common sign that parts of your suspension system need to be replaced.

  • Uneven wearing of tyres

Unevenly worn tyres could be an indication of a number of different problems with your vehicle, one of which is a damaged suspension. Worn patches and other symptoms of uneven wear can be an indication that your shock absorbers aren’t keeping your car at a level height. If it’s not your suspension that’s causing the problem, you should check the brake pads and alignment of the tyres.

  • Drifting to one side

There are a number of reasons why your vehicle may be drifting to one side, one of which is problems with your suspension. Check the tyre pressure and wheel alignment first before taking a look at the suspension.

  • Strange noises

Do you hear weird noises when you drive over a bump? It could be a sign that your suspension needs to be repaired. The suspension system absorbs the movement your car experiences when it travels over uneven terrain. If the system’s not doing its job properly, you’ll hear strange sounds.

Vehicle Suspension Service | Junk Mail

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It’s advisable to speak to a professional at a service centre for proper analysis before making any purchases or repairs. The indicators mentioned above can be caused by a wide range of issues with your vehicle and should not be taken as a definite indication of problems with your car’s suspension system.  

Should you need to buy suspension parts or find a service provider, visit Junk Mail today.

Everything you need to know about your car's suspension
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Everything you need to know about your car's suspension
Is your ride getting rough or difficult to control? It’s probably time to take a look at your suspension system. Find service centres on Junk Mail.
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