Care for your yard with a top notch lawn mower

It’s that time of the year again and garden maintenance – especially for your lawn – is at the top of the list. This day and age, we have many options for maintaining our lawns – from great garden tools and lawn mowers for sale, to garden services.

Owning your own lawn mower and doing your own landscaping overall may seem like a daunting task, but be assured that there are some benefits to this practice. In order for a lawn to be truly healthy, it does not need all those fancy fertilizers and sprays. All it needs is to be regularly cut and watered.

caring for your lawn

Paying for your lawn to be properly maintained – no matter the size will surely add up. Cutting your lawn whenever you can gives you control over your budget and the look and feel of your lawn. Be a proud lawn mower owner and feel the difference!

Different types of lawn mowers for sale

Just as there are many different types of lawns, there are many different types of lawn mowers that can accommodate your landscaping and gardening needs. When deciding what garden tools and supplies you will need for your landscaping pursuits, you must first assess your lawn conditions as well as your personal preferences.

Large, sprawling lawns can be a hassle to maintain by yourself if you do not have the proper gardening tools and equipment to manage it. While you can get yourself a powerful lawn mower that is both strong and durable to handle the job, it can be strenuous on a person to maintain a large lawn with a lawnmower that they must push and manoeuver themselves. In this case ride on lawn mowers for sale are a great solution to this problem.

types of lawn mowers

Ride on lawn mowers also known as lawn tractors, give you convenience and ease when having to cover a large amount of area. With a ride on lawn mower you won’t have to push a heavy machine around to get the same or better quality results.

Ride on lawnmowers often offer more power and torque than a typical push mower. The downside with these mowers is the high prices of ride on lawnmowers for sale but the versatility of a ride-on lawnmower and a nice cushioned back on the job may be worth the price tag!

Remember, lawn mower prices vary according to the brand as well as the type of lawnmower you choose.

A petrol or electric lawn mower?

Most lawn mowers also come with the option electric or petrol. The choice depends on your lawn and the gardening conditions that you have at hand.

Electric lawn mowers are powered through a cord connection to an outlet. These mowers require little maintenance and are relatively easy to manoeuver- that is, within the range of motion allowed by the length of the cord. Electric lawnmowers work best when your lawn is at its best. Electric lawnmowers typically do not have as much torque as a petrol lawnmower, so high, unruly grass can be overly demanding on an electric lawnmower. Electric lawnmowers are great for smaller lawns, in areas that you will have cord access, and for a lawn that you intend to keep well. Electric lawnmowers are also generally cheaper than petrol lawnmowers.

petrol lawn mower

A petrol lawn mower is stronger, offering more torque for bigger landscaping jobs. The extra power offered by petrol lawnmowers allows you to take on a larger range of gardening jobs – if you’re not able to tend to your grass for a few weeks, a petrol lawnmower should be able to handle it.

Another great plus of the petrol lawnmower is that you are not reliant on a power source. You will be able to move about your lawn without the confines of a cord. However, petrol lawnmowers require a certain level of care – much more than any other garden tool you have in your shed. Petrol lawnmowers require gasoline to function.

Due to its ability to conquer large jobs, you must maintain the engine and service the lawnmower whenever necessary. This can add up to extra costs and frustration when your trusty lawnmower fails to start. However, the extra power and freedom of movement make this option highly desirable.

If you are looking for affordable lawn mowers for sale, be sure to check out the deals listed on Junk Mail.

Epic lawn mower brands to get the job done

There are many reliable lawnmower brands that can give you years of solid gardening work. Selling your old lawn mower? Place your free ad on Junk Mail and sell you unused garden tools today.

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A Ryobi lawn mower

The Ryobi lawn mower is one in a line of Ryobi brand outdoor products and garden tools bringing you years of outdoor expertise into its lawnmower line. Ryobi offers 6 different lawnmowers in both battery (electric) and petrol options. Ryobi petrol lawnmowers come in either a 175 or 190cc option. The electric Ryobi lawnmowers vary in voltage from 18 to 36V.

ryobi lawn mower for sale

Image Source: Ryobi Website.

The Ryobi 190cc 4 Stroke lawnmower is loaded with features such as a Subaru engine, 11.2Nm of torque, and 4 swing back blades. Ryobi lawn mowers come in a pleasant yellow-green colour with an ergonomic design to make any job easier.

If you are looking for a Ryobi, you can expect lawn mower prices starting at around R 1299.

Rolux Lawnmowers

Rolux is a South African brand specialising in lawnmowers since 1956.

The Rolux Commander is one of its flagship models and comes in both electric and petrol models. Each model within the series offers a different amount of torque which gives you’re the chance to choose the lawnmower most suited to your landscaping needs.

Most of the Rolux Commander series lawnmowers are appropriate for all domestic lawn conditions. The larger your lawn, the more torque you will want in your lawnmower. Each lawnmower comes with a 460 mm chassis to facilitate grass ejection so that you waste no time stopping to clear your blade.

rolux lawnmower

Image Source: Rolux South Africa Website.

The blade itself on each Rolux lawnmower is a safety blade that protects against hitting any solid objects. The petrol models meet noise and emission regulations, and feature a 450 Briggs & Stratton engine for high-quality performance.

All Rolux lawnmowers were custom-made to handle any South African mowing conditions so feel secure in a company that has your needs in mind! If you are interested in this brand, you can expect lawn mower prices of around R 2400!

Opting for Wolf lawn mowers

Wolf-Garten lawn mowers are one in a line of German-made garden tools and supplies. Wolf lawn mowers come in several series so there is one for anyone from the at-home gardener to a pro.

Wolf lawn mowers come with an advanced Cut and Collect System on their A-series lawnmowers that utilises a suction air flow to raise each grass blade for a nice even cut, and for efficient collecting bag filling so that you never have to waste time with a clogged lawnmower.

wolf lawnmower

Image Source: Wolf-Garten Website.

This brand also offers ride on lawn mowers for sale. Wolf lawn mower prices vary new from R57,516 upwards.

A Trimtech lawnmower

The Trimtech lawnmower brand is made and manufactured in Durban.

Trimtech sells electric lawn mowers as well as petrol lawn mowers and trimmers. The 1550W electric Trimtech lawnmower gives you a 38cm cutting width allowing you to cover 800 square meters of lawn. Trimtech’s 190cc petrol lawnmower comes with 46cm cutting width allowing you to cover 2000 square meters. This lawnmower is fitted with a Briggs and Stratton engine to give you reliable power on the job.

trimtech lawnmower for sale

Image Source: Makro Website.

The starting price for these lawnmowers are from R1699 and up.

Now that you know more about the types and brands, you can find lawn mowers for sale on Junk Mail. With both diesel and petrol models to choose from, your grass will look fabulous in no time!

Care for your yard with a top notch lawn mower
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Care for your yard with a top notch lawn mower
This day and age, we have many options for maintaining our lawns – from great garden tools and lawn mowers for sale, to garden services.
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