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New-Renault-TwingoFor those of you that love a small car and have begun the intrepid search for cars for sale, I beg you, wait a few months. Renault has unveiled the new Renault Twingo which should be arriving on South African shores sometime towards the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015.

This has to be, in my eyes at least, the most exciting little car of 2014. Finally, the Fiat 500 has some proper competition and, if nothing else, this is something to celebrate. Not that I dislike the little Fiat, the Abarth version is one properly exciting little car, the competition is good because the Fiat has become too common. In South Africa especially, there is absolutely no other choice and if you want a stylishly clever little car to run around town in, you would have the choice of a Fiat, and or, the Fiat.

The introduction of the third generation Twingo hopefully signals the beginning of something exciting as the Renault’s of the past few years, with the exception of the old Clio V6 and Megane F1, have been a bit dull, uninteresting and watered down. Renault boss, Michael van der Sande, said in a statement that: “the new Renault Twingo aims to recapture the spirit of the Renault 5”, a statement I hope to be true as the Renault 5 GT Turbo is a car that appears in many a man’s dream car garage. Such was the brilliance of the 5, it achieved cult status and has a loyal following that stretches from the shores of the Med to the icy beaches of John o’ Groats, and even in the United States of America Land. Hopefully the new Twingo can bring some much needed excitement to a Renault range that has turned ever so slightly beige.


From the pictures provided by journalists at the Geneva Motor Show, the car looks set to have 5 doors, but, there have been rumours circulating that a 3 door option will be available or that Renault will scrap the 5 door version in favour of the 3 door model. The car has been built as a rear engine, rear wheel drive car and will have a variety of different petrol engines as well as a diesel version. There has also been talk of a Turbo, sporty version to be released later on, one that will compete with the Fiat 500 Abarth and seeing as the car is rear engine and rear wheel drive, it will be a lot more fun to drive.

The interior of the car is set to mimic the exterior with the Renault engineers and designers going all out funky. The interior is to be colour coded with the car and will feature funky dashes of colour as opposed to the regular interior colour choices of black and or black. The seats have been designed with a flat bottom, perfect for long distance driving and bucket style side arches that are perfect for nippy cornering and parking lot rallies. There was a rumour that the Twingo would have the same R-Link touchscreen infotainment system found in the new Clio, but this is likely to be an expensive, optional extra for South African cars.

Excitement Guaranteed

Personally, I think this is going to be one of the most exciting little cars ever to be introduced and besides the Fiat 500, has little competition with its main rivals being the Opel Adam, which might not make it to SA, and the Smart range which aren’t very good, but very expensive. So if you’re looking for a new car, wait a while as it should be released towards the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. If you are wondering where to find used cars for sale in Cape Town, you’ll probably have to wait as these little cars will no doubt have a long waiting list. If you want new Cars for Sale, they should be available at all major Renault dealers.

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