Cash register and POS systems for smooth store operations

Cash registers are vital for keeping a record of customer transactions and, if you have been thinking of finding a cash register for sale on Junk Mail, this blog post is most definitely for you.

With a wide range of brands, sizes and designs available, it is easy to find a cash register that meets the requirements of your business. Cash registers save your business time as well as decreasing the chance of errors occurring during transactions. A register, or a more advanced POS system, also help to boost the security of your operations.

cash drawer on a register

A short history of cash registers

A cash register is a machine that is used to keep a record of sales and is also referred to as a till. Electronic, these machines calculate transactions and keeps receipts.

Cash registers were invented in 1879 with the aim of preventing employees from stealing money from stores. Patented in 1879 the first cash registers were basic adding machines which alerted the manager of the store when a sale took place.

Interestingly it is believed that this is the origin of odd pricing as a price which included 95 or 99 cents would require the cashier to get change from the till, thus alerting the sales manager to the transaction. Since its early developments, the register or till has progressed to include updated technology. Paper roll was added to the cash register to keep receipts that were used for bookkeeping and provided protection from fraud.

point of sale systems

The modern cash register and POS System

Modern registers and Point of Sales systems are often connected to barcode scanners. Scanners have the advantage of speeding up the transaction process as well as reducing the chance of the cashier making errors. They can also be attached to scales in grocery stores where the price of a product is determined by its weight. Registers and tills that are attached to debit and credit card terminals offer added convenience.

Point of Sale systems scan barcodes and retrieve the price for the item. The POS system can also be used to calculate the reduced cost of sales items as well as calculating VAT. Another advantage of these systems is that they record the details of each transaction including the date, time and the item that was bought. The employee that operated the cash register for the transaction can also be recorded.

modern cash register and pos system

Typically cash registers will have a numerical and QWERTY keyboard. More advanced touchscreen cash registers are also an option for business owners. The touchscreens function to display point of sale software. This allows the operator to enter products and access information by hand. For businesses that do not sell barcoded products, such as restaurants, manual input is the only option.

Printers attached to point of sales systems and registers allow the business to provide the customer with a receipt. Receipts benefit the business by making returns easier as well as helping the business to offer a range of useful customer services. Thermal printers are typically found in modern cash registers for sale.

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Cash register brands and options

Now that you know more about the cash register and POS system, take a look at some of the leading brands available in South Africa. With so many advantages to owning cash registers, it is easy to see why they are a feature in most businesses which have transactions with the public.

The Royal Cash Register

The 101CX Royal, priced at around R 1399, features a 9 digit LCD display as well as 99 price look ups. It has an Impact printer and the drawer offers 4 note sections and 8 coin drawers.

royal cash register

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

COMPUPOS 4POS Thermal Receipt Printer

At R 1499 this cash register price is a bargain. With a thermal printer and 58mm paper, it offers effective running costs. Another noteworthy feature of this model is its USB interface with drivers for Windows as well as Linux and OPOS. It is simple to install and is compatible with the majority of POS systems.

CASIO Cash register

casio cash register

Image Source: Makro South Africa Website.

You can find a Casio register for around R 4599. The SE-S400 model has a 10 digit LCD display and 7000 price look ups. It has a thermal printer and features a 4 note and 8 coin drawer.

If you are looking for a cash register for sale, be sure to browse through the deals listed on Junk Mail. With various brands and even POS Systems available, you are sure to find the ideal solution for your business.

Cash register and POS systems for smooth store operations
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Cash register and POS systems for smooth store operations
Cash registers are vital for keeping a record of customer transactions and, if you have been thinking of finding a cash register, this post is for you.
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