Casual Day- A day of fun and important reflection

Casual Day; a time when friends, family and co-workers dress in interesting clothing to honour and support the plight of the disabled. By simply buying a sticker, you are supporting and enabling lives that have to struggle with disability.

A big part of Casual Day is not only generating funds, but to spread awareness. Often we get lost in our own lives, not thinking about those in need. Those who have to face life by modifying what we deem as normal. Government officials and President Zuma have urged people to take part in this important day. “This is the easiest way of demonstrating our support and raising awareness around issues of disability,” said Mayende-Sibiya- our Minister of women, children and persons with disabilities.

This year Casual Day representatives conducted road show performances to introduce the 2011 theme of “ROCKSTARS.” So it is now time for you all to release your inner rockstar. Wear your suit or your frock we don’t care as long as you get the official casual day sticker and rock! Today is your day to show your support for people with disabilities.

Junk Mail has always made sure to revere Casual Day. All the various departments were told to dress-up like their favourite musician or music genre; to best express and bring a podium to the cause. Whether they decided to embrace Bob Marley or Madonna, Jack Parrow or  Barry Manilow, Shaka Zulu or Queens of the Stone Age, Rock Atomic Kittens to Sex Pistols, you name Junk Mail is rocking it!

All the Junk Mail staff also bought stickers to contribute to the pool of money intended to enhance the lives of the disabled.

So no matter what your poison is, it is now your turn to make your world rock!

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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