CCTV and Security Cameras for a safer home

Home security is becoming an important aspect of our lives and, for this reason, the dedicated team here at Junk Mail wanted to take a look at the different security cameras for sale to highlight some of the great options available on the market today. From looking at what CCTV systems are, to the various CCTV cameras out there, this post will serve as a great start to finding your perfect home security system.


What are CCTV Systems?

CCTV – or Closed-Circuit Television – is very simply described as a television system that makes use of security cameras in order to transmit a signal (which in this case will be an image or video) to a specific location. Because it is a closed-circuit, this means that the signal is only transmitted to a predetermined location and cannot be viewed by anyone else on another monitor not specified by the system.


Relying on the very strategic placement of cameras, CCTV systems are not only used for home security purposes, but can also be found in a number of settings including traffic monitoring, systems within stores and even secure facilities (like prisons) and situations where high security is a must, like banks.


It is however important to note that, over the years, the technology used in these surveillance cameras has improved quite a lot. This means that clearer images can be transmitted and recorded. This quality however also depends on the type of CCTV cameras you choose to use within your system.

The Different types of Security and Surveillance Cameras

There is no doubt that there are tons of different security cameras for sale to choose from. From an Infrared Camera to a PTZ Camera, these security and surveillance cameras will help you set up the raddest CCTV Systems for your home.

An Infrared Camera

An infrared camera is great for outdoor use (ideally suited for dark areas) and a popular choice when it comes to home security systems. An Infrared (IR) camera has an infrared sensitive video sensor and is able to produce a high resolution image during the day as well as during the night (or in situations where light is low) by making use of either an external IR source or internal infrared LEDs to produce a clear image.


With these types of cameras, the ‘night-time’ vision is black and white. These cameras are also pretty ‘smart’. Able to produce a colour image during the day, a built-in sensor allows it to switch over to the ‘night-time’ or infrared mode as soon as the amount of light drops to a certain set level.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras are a stunning option when it comes to security surveillance. Very simply described, these security cameras have the ability to zoom and tilt as is directed by the operator, allowing you to have more ‘control’ over the image you are viewing (zooming in and out for example).


Offering more flexibility than a fixed camera, these PTZ cameras are controlled by a DVR, with some DVRs capable of being controlled via remote control (which can even be web based). These types of cameras offer a wider area of coverage, making it a suitable solution for larger premises.

Dome Cameras

Available for both indoor and outdoor uses, dome CCTV cameras for sale are a great option for both your home as well as office spaces. With a funky and functional design, these types of surveillance cameras, depending on the model you choose for your security system, offers great advantages.


Note that there are different types of models available when it comes to dome security cameras for sale. From those equipped with IR technology, to cameras with a night vision functionality, you can even find dome cameras that are ‘vandal proof’. From IP and HDCVI models, to Analog and AHD cameras.

IP Cameras

Though not always offering such a great image quality, IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are a wireless surveillance option and, unlike the closed circuit television cameras, allow for image streaming over a computer network and internet connection.


When it comes to these types of cameras, you can choose from one of two options. The first option is known as Centralised IP Cameras. This entails the implementation of a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) that is tasked with the handling all the functionality that goes with alarms, video and recordings.

Your second option does not require an NVR and is known as decentralised IP Cameras. Simply put, these types of cameras have a recording function that allows them to record directly onto a storage device like an SD card or a server.


Always keep in mind that there are dozens of different designs you can choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Consider every one available to you and choose the best option that will suit your own needs.

The Advantages of Security and CCTV Cameras in the home

Aside from allowing you to keep a vigilant eye on your home, finding CCTV cameras for sale and installing them at just the right places, also allow you to actually see what is going on outside your locked doors. A great tool for those of us who like to storm outside for every noise we hear, this allows for a safer inspection of your property during any time of the day.


Also great for gathering visual evidence of any disturbance or unwanted activity on your property, CCTV cameras are great as a ‘discouraging factor’. Why break into a home with a well-established security system when the house down the street offers no hurdles?


Lastly, a well implemented security system not only offers your family a real security solution, allowing them to feel (and be) a little bit safer.

CCTV Systems and Security Cameras for sale on Junk Mail

If you are ready to start looking at upgrading your home’s security, Junk Mail is a great place to start your shopping journey. Offering everything from security cameras for sale, to full and ready to install systems, you are sure to find the ideal solution for your home at a bargain price:

Security Cameras

If you are in the market for great deals on a range of surveillance cameras, this Junk Mail trader offers everything from the system itself to a full installation.


DVR New Digital Video Recorder

Boasting four video channels, this DVR is priced at R 1 999. This seller on Junk Mail also offers cameras priced from R 299.


Outdoor Dome IP Camera

Priced at R 2 499, this outdoor dome camera has in-built infrared and PTZ (pan tilt zoom) functionality. With a 3 x optical zoom, it features 22 IR LEDs and WiFi capabilities, to name but a few of its awesome specifications.


An 8 Infrared Camera CCTV System

This package includes a security DVR, eight colour Infrared Cameras, an IR Mouse and Remote Control, the power cables for the security cameras as well as the needed power supply. Priced at R 2 750, this eight camera system is for sale in Vereeniging.


4 Channel DIY Kit

Priced at R 1 700 and available in Benoni, this DIY kit includes four infrared cameras, a DVR and power supplies.


Looking for great deals on security cameras for sale? Browse through our collection of awesome CCTV Systems ad CCTV cameras to find awesome deals on great products. If you are selling your surveillance cameras don’t forget to place your free ad on!

CCTV and Security Cameras for a safer home
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CCTV and Security Cameras for a safer home
Home security is becoming an important aspect of our lives and the Junk Mail team wanted to take a closer look at the different security cameras for sale.
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