Ceiling Boards: Modern Designs for your ceilings

Upgrading your ceiling can create a fresh new look in your home. Whether you choose ceiling boards for sale or tiles there are plenty of reasons to put some effort into creating an attractive ceiling.


The Function of Ceiling Tiles and Boards

Modern ceiling designs include patterns and paint techniques. While ceilings are often overlooked they can make a stunning feature in your home. Specialised ceiling material can also help to protect your house and loved ones from fires. For all you need to know about ceiling boards and tiles read our blog.

There are plenty different types of ceilings to choose from. With so many options it can be difficult to decide which type of ceiling is the best match for your house. The type of ceiling that you choose will depend on the style of your home as well as your personal preferences.


Ceiling boards were developed as a cost effective alternative to brick. Nowadays these boards are used to create stunning ceilings. An attractive ceiling adds beauty and detail to your rooms. Ceilings can create a bold effect in large rooms that have high roofs.

Ceiling Boards

The advantage of finding ceiling boards for sale is that they are exceptionally versatile. Common types of boards are those that are manufactured from Gypsum. Boards made of PVC are another option.


You can also find modern ceiling designs that are designed to be fire resistant. These boards improve the safety of your home. Water resistant boards are also available. If you play a musical instrument, you might consider using soundboard or acoustic board in your practice room.

For environmentally conscious homeowners there are stunning ceiling designs that have been manufactured from recycled material. Mould-resistant boards are great for climates that promote the growth of mould.


The dynamic nature of a ceiling board means that they can be cut to the size that best suits your home. The boards can be joined together to create different shapes. Once the ceiling boards have been secured with tape and a filler they can be painted. This allows you to choose a colour that complements the design of the room.

Ceiling boards can be used for both large and small rooms. It’s a great idea to add sunken lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere in the room. Another advantage of finding ceiling boards for sale is that they are simpler and quicker to install than other options.


You can add a distinctive look to your ceiling with different finishes. Skim-coating helps as a sealant and it also adds texture to the ceiling. Plaster stencilling can be used to add an interesting dimension to the ceiling of your room.

Ceiling Tiles for your home

If you are looking for something a little different than the normal ceiling designs, you can always opt for ceiling tiles. With a wide range of tiles on offer you are sure to find one that meets your requirements. The four board categories include acoustical and plastic as well as tin and cork.


Acoustical ceiling tiles are advantageous for rooms that need to be soundproofed. The disadvantage of installing these tiles is that they usually require installation by a professional. Some acoustical tiles also provide insulation which reduces heating costs.

Plastic ceiling tiles have the advantage of being light and affordable. In addition to convenience these tiles can be embossed with a variety of patterns. Repeated patterns can make an attractive feature on your ceiling. These tiles are also easy to install yourself and you can paint them for extra effect.


Authentic tin tiles are an elegant feature in any home. Despite their name this type of tile is made from aluminium or copper. Brass is another common material used to produce these tiles. While they are usually installed by a professional it is possible for you to install them yourself. These tiles create stunning ceiling designs such as flower patterns. The downside of tin tiles is that they are more expensive than other options.

Cork ceiling tiles are the best choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. As well as being eco-friendly they can be used for insulation. Their fire and water resistance make them a safe option. Cork absorbs sound and therefore helps to sound proof your room. These tiles fall into the medium price range and are best installed by professionals.


Once you have researched the different options you can pick ceiling tiles or boards that best meet your requirements. Installation, cost and maintenance are all things to consider when you are choosing the materials for your ceiling.

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Ceiling Boards: Modern Designs for your ceilings
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Ceiling Boards: Modern Designs for your ceilings
Whether you choose ceiling boards for sale or tiles there are plenty of reasons to put some effort into creating an attractive ceiling.
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