Keeping a Chameleon as a pet…

As part of Operation Bite Back, Chameleons cannot be advertised on Junk Mail. Many people want to keep Chameleons as pets because they are a very interesting reptile. But contrary to what many people believe, Chameleons cannot be held and does not change colour to blend into their environment; they change colour to control their body temperature.Chameleon

Chameleons can get stressed very quickly, which will impact their health and this might cause them to die. You will have to be willing to invest time to keep its house clean and monitor the humidity, so that it thrives. You also have to pay particular attention to the chameleon’s water since it will not drink from a dish.

While most Chameleons are not endangered, their habitat is threatened by the growing human population. Most chameleon species will survive because they adapted to a degraded habitat and the presence of humans, but there is no question that some species are at high risk for extinction if conservation measures are not enacted soon to protect small, fragile populations of rare species.

The method in which Chameleons are transported is inhumane and most of those transported will not survive. To ensure that this reptile does not end up on the endangered list, they cannot be advertised on Junk Mail.

Make sure to report any suspicious trade of animals to your local NSPCA.

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  1. G COETZEE says:

    Can one ADOPT a chameleon? From Coetzee, CT

    • Hi, as part of our Pets Policy chameleons are not allowed to be advertised on our site and due to the reasons stated in the article we do not support or encourage trading in chameleons. 🙂

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