Choosing the perfect stoves for sale

Choosing the perfect ovens and stoves for sale is never an easy task. With a host of options and various lifestyles and needs, it’s a complex process that can be made easier if you know all there is to know about each and the value they offer. Today we talk a little about the ovens and gas stove options you can choose from to create your ideal kitchen.

Stoves typically fall into two categories, either a freestanding unit with a cooktop and an oven or a cooktop with a separate oven.


Ovens are similar in the sense that you also have two categories, can find either a freestanding unit, often with a stove or have a built-in wall oven that is either single or double and suited to a range of needs.

All of the options differ in their usability and accessibility and all are best suited to various needs, where some may need an oven, convection oven, electric oven or a gas stoves for sale.

Opting for Gas Stoves

So what exactly is the popular gas stove for sale and, how does it work? A gas stove is one that runs using gas, which makes it affordable to run and offers a different style of heating. This style is uniform due to the open flame, which is found around the outer parts of the stove. The heating method allows for uniformity in heating and means that it is evenly distributed and allows for precise cooking methods.

Measured in British Thermal Units, the heating range differs depending on the stove you buy and can range from a small stove, at around 5,000 BTUs for low heat, to a large stove that can go up to around 17,000 BTUs on high heat.

gas stove

It is also possible to run your gas stove when the power is out, which can be a handy feature.

There are a host of advantages, which include price, convenience and cooking, as well as some disadvantages of an investment in this type of kitchen appliance. They can be expensive as an initial investment, but make up for it in the long run, and some may find they aren’t fans of remembering to buy gas when needed.

If you are thinking of finding stoves for sale, you’ll find various types and popular brands available in South Africa, from the likes of SMEG, Defy, to Taurus and more, each with varying gas stove prices.

Looking at Gas Stove Prices in South Africa

A dual Defy 90cm 5 burner gas hob black model will cost you around R4,189.99, and a Totai 3kg gas cylinder model will cost you around R4799.99. A dual SMEG Stove 4 gas 2 electric model costs around R16,859.99.

The price range that can be expected varies in terms of use, quality and brand. Either a freestanding or built-in model may be right for you, depending on your needs.

gas stoves for sale

Image Source: Dion Wired Website.

Not sure whether these types of stoves for sale are right for you? Then an oven is what you may need. You’ll find a range of ovens, from gas to electric and convection.

So what exactly is a convection oven and how does it work?

A convection oven uses fans to distribute heat and cook food and allow for a greater amount of heat to be transferred due to this method. The heat is evenly spread across the oven and cooks the food at both a lower temperature and in less time than its conventional counterpart.

There are many advantages to this type of oven, including time and money saved, as well as disadvantages, such as a slight difficultly in cleaning compared to other ovens.

convection oven

You’ll find a range of types and brands to choose from including Defy, Panasonic and more. The price range of convection ovens depends on the variety, type and brand you choose.

If you like the sound of a convection oven but aren’t sure if you want to make the switch, you can also choose a dual oven, which has the best of both, and allows you to choose between using a convection or conventional oven at the press of a button, for whatever you may need.

Electric and Gas Ovens for sale

Maybe an electric or gas oven is more suited to your needs. There are key differences regarding electric and gas ovens and various advantages and disadvantages to each.

The same gas powers both gas stoves and ovens, but electric ovens feature electronic ignites. You may find if you have one type of appliance, it may fit in nicely with the other.

A gas stove is typically a freestanding appliance, although you may, rarely, see one as a double wall oven.

gas stove

While useful for when the power is out and a complement to gas stoves, the temperature of gas ovens can be inconsistent and cause food to be cooked unevenly; unless you buy the conventional variety, which may be more costly. You may also find that you have to pay an additional set up fee once you install your oven, as many homes don’t have the option for it.

As for an electric oven, or conventional oven, a heating element is used; either at the top or the bottom of the oven and the heat radiation causes food to be cooked. Electric ovens are thought to be more reliable than their gas counterparts in terms of even temperature. That said, even though the temperature may be more even, there can still be certain spots where it varies.

electric oven

Image Source: Makro Website.

They are easy to use, clean and you can find conventional and dual varieties available. The dual varieties use gas and electricity, providing the best of both.

You’ll also find either freestanding or built-in options available and each is suitable, depending on what you use the oven for. The built –in options can take up less space and be more energy efficient than its larger, freestanding counterpart.

Built-in ovens range in brand, from Defy to Whirlpool and more, and the freestanding ovens include Elba and Bosch.

Electric and Gas Oven Prices

A built-in Whirlpool stainless steel multi-function oven model costs around R3,639.99, while a Defy 600u Slimline oven costs around R2,589.99. A dual, freestanding Elba silver classic 5 gas electric oven costs around R13,049.99 and a Bosch 60cm gas/electric stove costs around R11,109.99.

Tips on Buying Stoves and Ovens

Here are some tips for you to take the plunge and buy the ideal ovens and stoves for sale. Various factors including budget, needs, technology and the options available locally are just some that should be considered in the buying process.

The most important factor is to know your budget. Work out what you can afford and then have a look to see which appliance fits in with that. Be it a dual gas and electric oven, or convection and electric, or gas, there are stoves and ovens for every budget.

oven tops and stoves for sale

Once you have your budget and have decided on the variety of the oven, choose the brand you trust and see if you can find your ideal brand and variety locally.

Technology also plays a role, with various options, improvements and advances, technology can speed up cooking time, allow for peace of mind and provide an all-round easier cooking experience.

Along with variety, budget, technology and brands, what you need the stove or oven for is vital too. From cooking, baking to throwing parties, everyone has a different need and different options that are ideal for them.

kitchen stoves for sale

Image Source: Makro Website.

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Choosing the perfect stoves for sale
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Choosing the perfect stoves for sale
Choosing the perfect ovens and stoves for sale is never an easy task. Today we talk a little about the ovens and gas stove options you can choose from.
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