Classic cars for sale in South Africa

There’s no school like the old school, am I right or am I right? Are you looking for classic cars for sale in South Africa? Whether you’re looking for a fully restored classic car or for one that needs a little bit of tender love and care while restoring it to its former self, Junk Mail has a large selection of classic cars for sale from all over South Africa.

Chevy C20 (1960)
This is truly one of a kind when it comes to any classical standard. This classic legend has been well looked after and restored to a version its former self would envy without a doubt, especially considering that this classic model is 54 years of age.
This Chevy C20 comes with a 5.0 Litre V8 engine that is not small to any standard. The main difference between the C models and the K models is that the C model refers to two wheel drive and the K model refers to four wheel drive. 1960_chevy_C20 1960-chevy-C20

VW Kombi T2 (1976)
The VW Kombi T2 you might have seen in a couple of pictures with surf boards on the roof and a beach in the background, but truly, this classic car is much more than just a vehicle for surfers from the 1970’s. The Volkswagen Kombi T2 is also known as the VW Transporter (depending on the body type).

This classic beauty futures a 2.0 Litre engine that produces a reasonable 52 Kw or torque. This classic beauty will be sure to turn heads, no matter where you are, on the beach, residential area or even stuck in traffic on one of South Africa’s highways.VW-Kombi-T2 VW_Kombi_T2

Ford Shelby AC Cobra (1991)
Now, the Ford AC Cobra needs no introduction. This is a very popular car amongst classic car fans, not just in South Africa but all across the globe. Besides its stylish looks, this is a car that outperformed it’s counterparts during its manufacturing years. This car went to production in 1962 to 1967. This classic car can now almost be found in every country across the globe amongst classic car enthusiasts.1967_shelby_ac_cobra 1967_shelby_ac_cobra

T-bucket Hot rod (1970)
Did you know that the T-bucket (or bucket T as it is also known) hot rod was based on the classic Ford Model T that was manufactured between 1915 and 1927. Now the T-bucket might be based on a Ford Model T, but is everything but the same car.

Most classic car enthusiasts’ love restoring these cars as you can basically modify and build a complete custom car. Bigger engine, bigger tires, exhausts and even a massive intake popping out of the bonnet – the sky is the limit when restoring this type of classic car.1970_T-bucket 1970_T-bucket

Where to buy and sell classic cars in South Africa
There might not be a car dealership in South Africa where you will find a specific classic car for sale, and even if you do, you’ll be lucky to find exactly what you’re looking for. As there is not a lot of classic cars and classic car enthusiasts compared to your general motor fanatic market in South Africa. One of your best ways to find the classic car you’re specifically looking for is by making use of search engines and off course your local classified websites like Junk Mail. So be sure to make use of your favourite search engine or by visiting the Junk Mail website for a variety of classic cars for sale in South Africa.

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