Clever and creative storage solutions for a functional space

Looking for amazingly creative storage solutions that will not only help you get a handle on the home, but add some pretty touches as well? Highlighting some amazing storage ideas for everything from the kitchen to the kids’ bedroom, this post is for those of us that love a smart, functional idea. From opting for more traditional shelves for sale, to using containers with creative flair, this blog post will help you get a handle on your home in no time.

clever storage ideas

Smart shelving solutions

Shelving has always been a go to when looking for smart storage solutions, and for a good reason. Shelving not only opens up floor space, but gives you a beautiful solution for everything from books to ornaments.

Though shelving for sale has in the past been a little bland, creativity has been sparked and today we have a wide selection of shelving solutions at our fingertips that add a touch of style and design elegance to the home.

Shelves in the bathroom

The bathroom can get pretty cluttered rather quickly. With creative shelves storage can be a breeze. Find an open piece of wall – over the tub, above the toilet, next to the basin – and start planning your placement.

storage ideas for the bathroom

Using a design style that matches, you can use your shelf for everything from towels and toilet paper, to hair products and soaps.

When you do opt for shelving in the bathroom, keep in mind that your shelves will be exposed to moist conditions, so find materials that will work in these conditions.

bathroom shelving ideas

For the living room

With so many people using the living room, it is easy to imagine that things can get a little out of hand. Smart storage ideas can add not only a touch of order, but beautiful focal points and interior design aspects as well.

Instead of opting for a simple television stand, why not go all out? Set aside a wall and install a shelf, drawers and cabinets. Creating a ‘built-in’ TV stand with all the needed storage can help not only add value to your home, but create a stunning focus point as well.

shelving ideas for the living room

Don’t be afraid to play around with the space you have. While building an entire feature around your television might not be for you, don’t forget about the space around it either. Putting up shelves around, above or next to your television can have just as big as an impact and still provide you with functional storage space.

For the kids’ room

Play areas and kids’ bedrooms are always in need of some creative storage ideas. Shelves are a great way to add some organisation.

Simple loose standing shelves for sale can add extra storage space for everything from books and toys to pencils and art supplies. Do keep in mind that this is for the kids, so don’t be afraid to be bold and colourful.

containers and shelves

Adding a combination of containers and shelves can also open up your shelves to storing a larger variety of things.

Containers for a more functional space

Containers – be it plastic containers or made from other materials – have always been trusty storage solutions around the home. While you can opt for the traditional plastic containers and crates, new designs and a range of materials have opened up the door to some stunning storage ideas.

A great help when it comes to organising closets, find a variety of containers – fabric covered or plastic – to get a handle on your closet. Use containers for everything from socks and purses, to shoes and scarfs.

closet storage ideas

Looking for some great ideas to get your closet back in shape? Read our “10 clever tricks to organise your wardrobe” post.

Play areas and the kids’ bedrooms are also perfect places for you to whip out those containers and get organising. From art supplies and toys, to shoes and even books, containers make for great storage.

Traditional glass and plastic containers are also a great addition to the kitchen. From organising the scullery and laundry room, to getting a hand on the pantry, containers are perfect.

containers in the pantry

Don’t be afraid to incorporate containers in your closets, on your shelf and in the bathroom. Offering functional storage space, making use of containers can really help you get a handle on things in the home.

The great thing about plastic containers is that it can be used in the garage as well. Opting for more robust designs, using containers coupled with some great shelves, can help you organise your garage and protect your belongings from dust, dirt and bugs.

storage ideas for the garage

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Other fabulous storage ideas

Luckily for us, the creatives out there do not seem to run out of great and functional storage solutions. For the bathroom, simply find baskets or other types of containers, attach them to the wall and voila – creative, functional storage.

Another growing trend is the use of mason jars. Simply attach your mason jars to a flat surface (like a stained plank) and you have smart storage that not only helps you clear the clutter, but looks pretty too.

organisation tips for the bathroom

Don’t be afraid to make use of crates, containers and drawers in the kids’ bedroom. Adding a shelf in itself is always a great idea, but it is the small touches and addition of storage that make it fun and functional.

Instead of going for the obvious, you can even think a little outside of the box, especially when it comes to the children’s bedrooms. Finding old school lockers and giving them a new life can be a wonderful, compact storage idea.

old school locker

Finding a quality chest of drawers for sale is another option. A highly functional piece of furniture available in all shapes and sizes, a chest of drawers isn’t only a functional storage solution, but a pretty one as well.

With the simple addition of hooks, it can be a valuable piece of furniture in the kitchen. With vibrant colours, it can add ample storage space to the kids’ bedroom. With a more classic finish, it can be a design aspect in the bedroom or living room.


Don’t be afraid to add functional touches to your chest of drawers either. Adding small ‘shelves’ to its sides can make for great storage spaces for books.

For your makeup, simply use a magnet board. Create a striking background, attach magnets to everything from your brushes to your eyeshadow, and voila – a fashionable and functional makeup organiser.

creative makeup organisation tips

The garage and even your arts and crafts room can also make use of some creative storage ideas. Making use of empty glass jars, some sturdy shelves and DIY skills, attach the jar tops to the bottom of a shelf. Fill the jar with everything from screws to buttons and simply screw them on.

Remember that, when it comes to storage solutions and ideas, your imagination is the only limit. Don’t be afraid to try unconventional methods and items. Who knows, it might turn into something amazing.

jars for small items

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Clever and creative storage solutions for a functional space
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Clever and creative storage solutions for a functional space
Looking for amazingly creative storage solutions that will not only help you get a handle on the home, but add some pretty touches as well?
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