Common types of bicycles to choose from

With so many different types of bicycles out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. It doesn’t have to be a challenge! Think about the bikes you’ve ridden in the past and the ones you liked the most. You’ll also need to consider the location you ride in most often. Your budget will play an important role in your decision. Find bikes for sale on Junk Mail and start riding with your friends today.

Road bikes

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If you plan to ride on smooth pavements, road bikes are an excellent choice. They’re equipped with smooth and thin tires as well as curved handlebars. These bikes have a lightweight design, therefore they’re not suitable for transporting heavy loads. Likewise, road bikes aren’t the best option if you decide to tackle tougher terrain.

Mountain bikes

Are you feeling adventurous? Then a robust mountain bike may be your best option. These bikes are designed to tackle off-road terrain with ease. Their tires are wider with specially designed treads to offer superior levels of traction. The flat handlebars help to keep the rider in control. Another defining aspect of mountain bikes is their hydraulic disc brakes, which increase your safety when you’re faced with steep slopes.

Cruiser bikes

When you’re considering the different types of bicycles, think about why you want a bike in the first place. If your answer is to go for a relaxed ride with friends, a cruiser bike is ideal. These models offer you a comfortable ride, which is great for a fun outing. You’ll benefit from the upright riding position and comfy seat. Cruiser bikes are well-suited to riding on flat terrain over short distances.

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Electric bicycles

Electric bikes are relatively new when compared to other types of bicycles. These models are equipped with an electric motor that helps to propel the bicycle. While you’re still required to pedal, getting to your destination requires less effort. This means that if you’re riding to get fit, this is not the right bike for you. Electric bikes are perfect for running errands in an urban environment.

Fitness bikes

Fitness bikes have a lightweight frame and narrow tires, which ensures that they deliver an efficient performance on pavements. They are available in both flat and upright design variations. These bikes are a preferred option for riders who don’t enjoy the drop handlebars that are a feature of road bikes. It’s usually possible to fit your fitness bike within cargo racks.

Touring bikes

Touring bikes are designed to be used over long distances. They’re robust and can cope with heavy loads. They typically feature drop handlebars with a relaxed frame design, which ensures your comfort when you’re spending long hours on your bike. Their gear range is lower than that of a road bike, which makes it possible to transport heavy loads over steep inclines.

Adventure bike

Adventures bikes are equipped with a drop handlebar and they have a similar appearance to road bikes. However, these models have off-road tires and mounts for useful accessories. Other defining features include their disc brakes as well as their wide-ranging gears. They are designed to offer you a riding position that promotes comfort and stability. Adventure bikes are perfect for tackling off-road terrain. The versatility of adventure bikes gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. If you plan to enter road races, this is not the right bike for you.

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Now that you know the different variations available, you can find the best bike for your needs. With a wide range of different types of bicycles for sale on Junk Mail, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Common types of bicycles to choose from
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Common types of bicycles to choose from
With so many different types of bicycles out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. Think about your location and what you want it for.
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