The coolest bicycle designs

Everything in the world is slowly shaping into the most eloquent looking designs. In the past, everything was just drawn, it was also put aside because the objects looked too different and it all seemed too impossible, like everything else that was different, until today.

If you are someone like me who either does not like bicycles or doesn’t like bicycles because they cannot ride them, these bicycles are ones you will want to ride.


Except for being extremely gorgeous, these bicycles have a special place for you to put your smartphone, meaning as you are cycling you can easily see who is calling you or you can get a great view of the GPS and never get lost.

Here is a list of the coolest bicycles we will be witnessing in the near future:




Or maybe you fancy the unusual looking bicycles?


It is a form of a concept track bike, not only is this bicycle rather odd but it is fast, and when the wheels move it is like sitting right next to a fan.

Designed by Alex Suvajac, this bicycle uses current technologies and material to sustain itself. According to the designer, this bicycle was inspired by nature because of its resemblance to the tree frog… luckily the bicycle does not hop like the frog.

But these following bicycles are so unusual, they make you wonder ‘where does one sit?’


Or this one?


Maybe not so much the latter. After all, the purpose of a bicycle is to offer you alternative transportation from cars, motorcycles and walking. However, people ride the bicycle for different reasons, some for leisure, and some for sport.

Basically, the bicycle can be considered as an object just for transportation, freedom, and mobility. It goes from being just a bicycle, and becomes a form of a life line for some people. Some use it to travel from one city to the next, after all, it is much cheaper.

However, it is just ‘a bicycle’.

As the old Zen saying goes for the bicycle “I ride my bike to ride my bike”. You ride it because it is a bicycle. But, for some people riding a bicycle was something they could never do. But once again, because of technology, it is possible now.

Bicycles can now help those who only dreamt of riding one


One of the best things about technology is its ability to simplify as well as make things much easier for everyone.

Often the disabled are excluded from the most basic things in life. Cerebral Palsy affects basic motor movements, such as walking, using your hands or even the ability to ride a bicycle.

But these designs by Gavin Smith allow the disabled to ride a bicycle without the necessity to operate or balance the bicycle. Everything is automated so they can ride the bicycle without any assistance.


Hopefully, in the near future we will have more objects that will be user-friendly to the able as well as the disabled.

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