Coricraft: Fashionable furniture at an affordable price

With more than two decades of experience, Coricraft is renowned for manufacturing quality furniture. Coricraft’s stunning designs and durable products have won the hearts of consumers and fashion divas nationwide. Attractive Coricraft couches will add both style and sophistication to your home.


Coricraft has forty retail outlets which are located in South Africa as well as Botswana. With stores in towns and cities across the nation it is convenient to shop at Coricraft. Another benefit of shopping at Coricraft is that the couches have an affordable price tag. Manufactured locally in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the furniture offers consumers great value for money. Coricraft’s popularity is reflected by the high demand for their products. Their factories manufacture more than three hundred couches a day.

Coricraft offers home owners a diverse range of products. With four ranges to choose between, consumers are spoilt for choice. Couches are manufactured with fabric or leather upholstery. Consumers can choose between two, three or four seater couches depending on the seating needs of their family. In addition to manufacturing couches, Coricraft sells exquisite wooden furniture which has been sourced from across the globe. Consumers can purchase tables, chairs and accessories from Coricraft stores. Plasma units and cabinets are also available.


Home owners who don’t want to wait for their furniture can purchase products from the Coricraft Now range. These couches can be collected immediately from a Coricraft retail outlet. The Best Value range includes stylish furniture which offers customers outstanding value for money.


Not only does Coricraft stock an impressive range of products, the retail outlets provide customers with excellent service. Staff members are dedicated to providing South Africans with an easy way to purchase furniture. Efficient and reliable Coricraft employees strive to meet the needs of the local market.


With so many advantages to buying Coricraft couches, it is no wonder that their furniture is in high demand.

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  2. Busi says:

    Where do I find Coricraft in Johannesburg.

  3. patrick maluleke says:

    I baught some items from you. and now i need your contact number for nespruit branch, i need to enquire something . i don’t have slip with me niw. can you call me me now at 072 230 95 17

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