Creative Ideas for Kids Furniture and Bunk Beds

If your children are sharing a room, it can be difficult to keep their space neat and tidy. Adding bunk beds to their room is a great way to save space so that each child can have their own designated play area. With separate areas for their toys there will be less fighting between siblings. Kids bunk beds also offer a fun sleeping arrangement for children. Not only are bunk beds for kids great for siblings who share a room, they can also come in handy if you have friends or family staying over with your children. If you want to add an exciting piece of kids furniture to your child’s room, consider finding bunk beds for sale.


Fun and Creative Bunk Beds for Kids


When it comes to kids bedroom furniture there are a wide range of options. The same is true for bunk beds. Double bunk beds are great for larger rooms and they offer plenty of sleeping space for your children. The bed that you decide to buy will depend on the requirements and preferences of your family. A fun option for young children is bunk beds which resemble a playhouse. These beds replicate the appearance of a real house and can provide hours of fun for your children. The bunk bed playhouses are great for girls and in some versions the stairs can be used as a storage area.


If you have more than two children who are sleeping in the same room specially designed beds create plenty of room for three to four children. You can even find bunk bed designs which incorporate desks and storage space. Beds which have floor space underneath offer an additional play area. For children who love trucks, trains and cars, innovative bunk beds in these shapes have great appeal. Going to bed is fun in a bed that is shaped like a race car or tractor. These beds also add to the design of your children’s room. If practicality is your main concern you can get a bunk bed which has a crib underneath as well as storage space. For small spaces you can find bunk beds for sale that fold back into the wall. An adventurous twist on traditional kids furniture is a bed that comes with a side tent. This is great for children to have a fun camping indoors experience.


Instead of finding bunk beds for kids, DIY sleeping spaces are another option. The first thing you will need to decide is the shape and configuration of the bed. You can construct a corner unit which gives enough space for four children. Loft style bunk beds have the advantage of offering space underneath the bed for a play area, storage or a desk.


While it is easy to find bunk beds for sale, you may want to make your own. This is a great opportunity to custom make a bed that appeals to your children and offers them a fun sleeping space.

Decorating your Bunk Beds


Another consideration is how to decorate the bunk bed. The style of the room and your child’s personality should be taken into account for this task. You could choose a theme like sports or cars when you are decorating these kids bedroom furniture pieces. If you choose a striking design for the beds, they can be a focal point in the room. The colour that you choose will also need to match the rest of the room. A great idea is to base the bunk bed on the interests of your child. If your child has a favourite colour, you can incorporate it into the design. You can add animal designs or stickers to decorate the bunk bed if your child is interested in animals. Glow-in-the-dark tape can be added to the kids bunk beds to add an awesome touch of fun. This has a practical function as well as making the beds more appealing to children. You can put framed chalk boards on the wall by the beds to give your children an area to draw and play. Another suggestion is to make a material cover for the beds so that your children can use them as a fortress.


With so many advantages to finding bunk beds for sale why not find one that meets your requirements on Junk Mail and add it to your child’s bedroom? Not only will it offer you extra space, it is also more convenient to have separate playing areas for your children. Selling your kids furniture? Place your Free Ad on today!


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