Back to school essentials – How to cut the costs

Back to school can either mean excitement or dread as pupils enter into the phase of another school year. For many parents, it means increased pressure as the economy puts a strain on wallets and contributes to the increase in living costs.

School items are becoming more and more expensive and most parents are taking strain in being able to afford these essential school items. Besides the usual stationery and books, extramural activities also need to be taken into account. Most parents will take the financial strain to ensure their children receive the education and sporting opportunities they may never have had. However, as a parent, you do not necessarily have to bite the bullet to purchase expensive school items. Junk Mail offers a wide range of classifieds on essential school items at affordable prices.

Back To School Made Easy On Junk Mail

Although many parents will think you will have to buy this brand new, there are many blazers, jackets or tracksuits out there that maybe have only been worn once or twice and are still in very good condition.

School Uniforms For Sale On Junk Mail

Some schools make use of tablets in certain subjects as part of a “paperless education” initiative. Even if a tablet is not a requirement at your child’s school, your he/she can still use it for school projects or even reading. You can find a wide range of affordable tablets for sale on Junk Mail.

Find Tablets & Smartphones For Sale On Junk Mail


There is no need for your child’s sporting talent to put extra strain on your pocket. We have numerous sporting equipment for sale and many of the items are still in very good condition or have hardly been used. From rugby balls to tennis rackets, be sure to browse our extensive category to find exactly what you need for your child’s sports activities.

Cricket Gear | Sport Gear For Sale On Junk Mail


So for all your back to school needs, remember to visit Junk Mail today and save on costs.

Back to School Essential Items – How to cut the Costs
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Back to School Essential Items – How to cut the Costs
Back to school essentials doesn't have to put strain on your wallet. Instead, visit Junk Mail for a wide range of used school uniforms and sports gear.
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Junk Mail
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