Dan Patlansky New Album Launch – Pretoria

To all the rockers out there who are passionate musicians, and constantly looking for the next greatest guitars for sale – get ready to be graced by the stunning sounds of the Legendary Dan Patlansky when he releases his new album in 2016.

If you don’t know who Dan Patlansky is and you play an acoustic or electric guitar, then you had better lift up your rock. Mr Patlansky has been hailed as one of the best blues guitarists alive today. In fact, his previous album “Dear Silence Thieves” was rated by Blues Rock Review in the USA as the number one blues and rock album in the world. His new album titled “Into Vertigo” is said to be released in South Africa in late March/early April 2016. Let’s delve deeper into who this artists is and tell you all about his amazing new audible gift to humanity.

The man behind the music: Dan Patlansky

Dan’s first album titled “Standing At The Station” helped him to become widely recognized by many major players in the music industry and later gave him the recognition he needed to be signed by Blue Note when he released his next album titled “True Blues” in 2004. After this multiple key players in the Blues music industry took Dan Patlansky to New Orleans to showcase this man’s unwavering talent. The Fender guitar company then recognized his talent in 2006 by giving him a guitar and amp endorsement which made him one of six people on the African continent to have this privilege.

Patlansky then began shelling out amazingly eclectic albums that were all met with wide acclaim from people in the industry. Every album brought Dan closer to musical perfection and every album saw his skills growing in leaps and bounds. This all led to his 2014 album “Dear Silence Thieves” that was produced by the legendary South African producer Theo Crous.

Dan Patlansky

From this acclaim, Dan was chosen to open for Bruce Springsteen at the FNB stadium in front of 64 000 people. Bruce Springsteen personally approved Patlansky`s as his supporting act, which is quite an honor if you consider that Bruce doesn’t often have guest artists at his shows. Dan then went on a European tour and headlined the Fjord Blue Festival in Norway and the Horsens Blues Festival in Denmark.

In March 2015, none other than electric guitar legend Joe Satriani decided to make Patlansky his special guest during his UK Shockwave tour in 2015. This show was played over 31 days in 10 different countries with 25 shows having Patlansky as his guest performer.

In 2016 Dan will be releasing his new album title “ÏntroVertigo” and he will play his Sweet Home Africa Solo Acoustic tour where Dan will show us his acoustic guitar skill and then he will move on to be the special guest for the King Kings nationwide UK tour.

Awards and nominations

Apart from the many awards for his actual music, Dan has also been given personal musician awards:

  • According to Blues Magazine he was the Top 20 Blues Rock Artist in 2015
  • According to Blues & Soul Magazine he was the Male Artist of the Year in 2015
  • According to Total Guitar Magazine he was number 4 of the best Rock Guitarists in the World in 2015

IntroVertigo Launch Tour

Dan Patlansky will be launching his new album in 2016. He will first launch the album in South Africa at three different venues. The dates and details are as follows:

  • Eastern Cape: Jolly Dolphin, Jeffreys Bay – Sunday the 27th of March 2016
  • Gauteng: Atterbury Theatre, Pretoria – Sunday the 17th Of April 2016
  • Free State: Bloemfontein Civic Theatre, Bloemfontein – Friday the 22nd of April 2016

The show will showcase the new album and it will be performed by a full electric blues rock experience. After this tour, Patlansky will be heading over to the United Kingdom to promote his new album in late May/early June.


Dan Patlansky’s gear

A brilliant Blues player needs a brilliant blues guitar. An artist with seven critically acclaimed albums like Dan needs an extra special electric guitar, so it is interesting to see how this artist went about finding the perfect guitars for sale.

From the age of 18, Patlansky started playing with a rare red Fender Stratocaster that he bought in the year 2000 from a vintage electric and acoustic guitar dealer in Johannesburg. Dan used to visit this shop all the time because of the amazing number of rare Fender guitars that passed through it. According to Dan Patlansky, he kept on pestering the owner until he sold him his Iconic electric guitar for a steal of a price – it was named Old Red and it has been his favorite ever since.

In 2005, Old Red was almost lost to hurricane Katrina when Dan decided to take an opportunity to stay in New Orleans and tour America. Just before the storm hit, Dan was met by his manager who told him that there was a hurricane on the way and he needed to get out of his apartment.

Guitar for sale

Unfortunately there was not enough space in the car for this special musical instrument and Dan left it inside the apartment and jammed it underneath a guitar flight case. Both men were evacuated to Alabama and then Dan went to New Orleans to stay with family. Later, the news reported that New Orleans was under ten feet of water so everyone thought this special musical instrument was lost.

Upon entering a quaint vintage shop in Las Vegas that featured musical instruments for sale, Dan saw a sunburst 1961 Fender Stratocaster and bought it. He named it The Beast and brought it back to South Africa with him. Dan was booked to play the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. He flew in his American band mates and the Bass player at the time arrived with a moldy guitar case. When Dan opened the case it was Old Red! There was apparently some mold and rust but that same night Dan wiped it off, restrung it and played it like it had never left his side.

After the festival there was some relaxation time for Patlansky and he decided to experiment. He took the neck, hardware, pickups and scratch plate off of Old Red and stuck it on the Beast’s electric guitar body. Thus creating what he now calls Mega-guitar.

Guitars for sale

From this we can see that Dan Patlansky is a minimalist player. If we told you that he only has two electric guitars then you probably wouldn’t believe us, but it’s true. Dan has his new Mega-guitar and then he also uses a yellow 57 reissue Fender Stratocaster. He believes that all his guitars have a purpose and they need to earn their keep. This is a breath of fresh air compared to the musicians that get new musical instruments every time they play.

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